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Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

LONGSTORYSHORT: This snippet comes from a chapter called 'Acts of God', so the snippet includes one of those acts.
Effie and Reuben Rodeo are on a quest, with Reuben going down a cave hole. Running out of rope, someone was watching over them and came up with a solution. 

Find the chapter right 'ere at : 2. The Rodeos #5 : Acts of God [18+] - Heroes of The Collective Volume Two : Regret | Royal Road

There are content warnings for profanity, gore and violence riddled throughout the chapter so if you have aversions to that, then steer clear. 

Quote:“How am I doing for rope?” he asked up through his communicator.

Back up at the top, Effie looked at the remaining length still to go through. They’d bought a custom length of two hundred metres hoping that that would be enough. “I’d say fifty metres left.”

“S*** I don’t think that’s going to be enough,” Reuben’s reply came back through her ear piece.

“Forty metres,” she said, counting down the remaining length.

“I’ll be damned if we have to come back.”

Effie heard a mass of hissing sounds getting louder very quickly.

“Effie?” Reuben asked, not hearing any response from his partner. Over the rocks and the boulders that surrounded her and the Hole to Hell, came dozens and dozens of rattle snakes snaking towards her. She jumped up onto the nearest boulder and took out the gun out of her holster.

But they weren’t interested in her. They were heading for the rope and in an act that defied nature, they absorbed into the rope itself, making it longer.

“Effie?” Reuben snapped.

“S-sorry. You should have more rope now…”


I hate snakes btw and that was a tough imagining for me. 🐍 *shudder*

We are/I am 2 weeks away from VOLUME 3 STARTING so check out and catch up on Heroes of The Collective in the sig below... 

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙


Quote:“Her clothes are bargain bin and she must’ve worn those shoes to melt into the crowd,” Nandi muttered as the human man nodded in agreement.
  His gaze was far away, he was looking deep into the woman’s soul. “Her true form is horrendous, I’ve never seen anything so corrupted. I’m surprised she can even walk being so sick.” Quickly, he turned away as if staring anymore would make him nauseous with a sour look taking over his face. “It’s like Kaeo’s but ten times worse with how everything is structured.”
  “Meaning she’s being held together by a string? How is she even standing, how was she even running after us?” The teenager was aghast, she hadn’t seen any of her kind in person that way without them being on their death bed. And here this woman was chasing them around the building with the intent to take them down no matter what it took.
  It just didn’t register to her that someone who had to be in so much agony was capable of nearly taking not one but two people down single handily. Was she armed or did she think that her body would be horrific enough to overpower the teenager? Was she aware of who she was or was this just a random attack that she happened to be in the crosshairs of? Or worse, was this woman after Falen or her mother and didn’t care about her presence at all?
  Nandi’s mind was spinning and she was momentarily thankful for the classes her mother put in as a child to maintain a faux mask of class. To the rest of the world, she looked cool and collected, maybe even a little bit aggressive with her demeanor. But inwardly she felt panicked with the knowledge that she didn’t know who this woman was, who had sent her, and what was her agenda coming to such a crowded place with one foot already in the grave.

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

This week snippet is taken from chapter 17 part 2 from my novel Let's Play: Chronicles of Zurefgar that was released a couple days ago.

i tried to highlights the MC, the heroine, and supporting casts personality through their reaction to a rather dangerous idea.

Quote:Please find someone else to endanger,” Pras sighed. “These guys need to conserve their remaining deaths considering Lyra’s gang is definitely still hot on our trails.”
“Do not worry, distressed deskmate, it is a level 50 dungeon.”
“Now that makes me worry even more.”
“Chillax, Pras, I only died twice,” Fathan patted Pras’ shoulders. With an interested gleam in his eyes, he quickly approved Mana’s clearly dangerous idea, “I’m in.”
“That is the spirit!”
“Didn’t you hear the dungeon level she mentioned?” Pras protested. “Level 50, I’m the highest around us and even then I am still level 49.”
“Therefore we go together, deskmate, it will be a breeze,” Mana said with a questionable assurance. “The minimum requirement is level 45, everyone is already at the minimum.”
“Let me get this straight,” Pras snorted in annoyance. “The minimum level is 45. But the recommended level is 50, right? And that’s the average level of the group, right? Which means any average lower than that is definitely gonna give us a hard time inside there.”
“My, my, you really are knowledgeable about all this.” Mana nodded acknowledgingly. However, there was a glimpse of enthusiastic fire that was still apparent in her eyes. ”Nevertheless, we will be fine, deskmate.”
Pras didn’t bother to answer. He half gave up trying to explain to Mana and just decided to eat his snacks. On the other hand, it was Pitoy who finally spoke with a definitely not interested tone.
“What’s in it for me?”
Mana raised her index finger and explained, “You can get your first taste of item sets here. It will definitely be helpful for a few levels ahead. Also, clearing dungeons will give us better credits for Clashing Realms.”
“I haven’t died, but if we got wiped even once, I’m out,” Pitoy answered calmly.
“We will not wipe, trust me.”

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

Hi! This snippet comes from the second chapter of my newly beginning story Star Gazer. Here, on of our protagonists, Luke, finds himself transitioning from one setting to another in a manner by which he has no control nor ability to understand... at least, not yet. 

If you'd like to read more (of which you are more than welcome to do), you can find the chapter here: 

Content warning: Profanity. While there isn't any profanity within this snippet, nor is profanity used regularly within the story, there is use of this content within the story for any and all interested parties to be aware of!

Quote:With hesitant steps, he ventured forward, doing his best to recall the countless times he had taken this very path back home, and how the street continued on for what should have been at least 100 paces. However, after no more than a dozen, he found a faint  light piercing the shadowed fog to his right. A street lamp perhaps? He hoped. Luke wasn’t one to be easily fazed, but - in the dark - imaginations tend to run wild. He thought of the ghost stories his father would tell at the campfire, or the books he had read as he adventured from children’s tales of fantasy and magic, to adult re-tellings of grim reality. In that moment, a scuttling rat could have been a creature born of evil and come to devour him.

The light, however, presented a quick escape from his overactive mind. Shuffling along, it grew brighter and brighter, diffused as it was by the heavy sheet of mist now settled and unmoving. Edging closer, Luke assessed that the light originated from around chest height, nowhere near high enough for a street lamp. Slowing, tempted to stall himself once more, he stepped forward instead. The light flashed - a blinding brightness for his dark-adjusted eyes.

The underside of his black and white shoe touched grass, the softness of flora and soil odd to him. The light in front was gone, replaced by a light up above, and the smoky haze of condensation had grown brighter all around with the new lighting. So much so, Luke stepped back reflexively, expecting the cobble street to be there, but a calf height tussock met the underside of his shoe, bending his ankle awkwardly leaving him wincing in pain as he adjusted it. Turning, the shades of night were gone, as if day had suddenly come. The stagnant air, unexpectedly chill, was silent. Even the scent had suddenly changed. Instead of the murky, well-traveled streets he’d grown up in, the smell of nature - reminiscent of the days by the campfire from his past - filled his lungs.

“Agh! Ow…” To his right, in the distant fog, Luke heard a voice. A woman’s, perhaps. He followed the sound, stopping abruptly. As if parting for him, the fog opened up enough for him to see only in the direction from which he had heard the voice. There, a girl - certainly no older than he was, if even that - laid pained on the ground. He watched her roll to her back, grimace turning to horrific surprise. Luke followed her line of sight, watching a shape he couldn’t quite make out disappear into the fog, just as the faint sound of what must have been a bell rang out.

Feel free to check my signature and read up on Star Gazer. Story is still very much in its beginning faze with 6 chapters released at the time of posting, but loads of content planned (and written) and a grand adventure to explore! Thanks for reading!

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

Hi there! This snippet is taken from my story The Choice of Twilight, Chapter 4: Early Presents. The main character has just had a pretty devastating day and he is trying to jump out his frustrations on his trampoline:

Quote:With a grunt of desperation, Ty bolted to his feet and began to jump. He tried to distract himself in the motions’ repetition, tried to fly away with the wind rushing past and against him as he bounced. It didn’t work. He found himself slamming both feet against the trampoline with as much force and anger as he could muster, each time using more strength, more anger, and going ever higher.

Despite the rage, memories slipped in through the cracks: memories of a time when he and Anna would not just jump up and down, but leap into whole other worlds. It could have been into their favorite shows, movies, or video games as they filled the shoes of their favorite characters and acted out the stories they already knew and loved. Other times, they made up their own worlds and stories, usually packed with tons of action, danger, and huge explosions.

They fought dragons—Ty the brave and fast knight danced circles around the beast while Anna, armed with an arsenal of magic, hammered it with spells from afar. They had jumped and run along buildings, flown and touched the skies, fought in many an epic war with swords, futuristic weapons, and everything in between. They’d saved the world and, on a few occasions, brought it to an end themselves.

Tonight, alone, the trampoline was just a piece of springy material. No portal to another world, no magic, no escape.

The Choice of Twilight is my unholy union of a classic literary fantasy novel (such as Coraline) mixed with the more action packed focus of anime and video games (my biggest influence being Kingdom Hearts). We've just made it into the dream world part of the story in the most recent few chapters, please come and check it out!

Here is the link to the chapter!:

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

Quote:"Here!" I shouted to Gothra high above, waiting for whatever stupidity she has in store.

And well, it was certainly stupid. Bereo, her system avatar that looks like a tall and burly man, wearing a bear suit, a gothic lolita outfit over that bear suit, and then a gun strapped onto his shoulder, climbed down the tree. This already sounds like the setup for a really bad joke... except I'm the punchline!

Bereo faced away from me and squatted down.

"Ooohhh! It's one of those scenes! Hahahaha!" Gothra was getting excited, totally ignoring the 'beautiful scenery'!

"What? No! He's just giving me a piggyback ride!" Oh wait, that's still fucking lame... goddammit.

Well, we've gone this far... I clung onto his back and he climbed up the tree, steadily. Can Ciraphim also do this? I certainly wouldn't mind that... Maybe IRL, hehe...

On the way, I noticed Gothra looking very intensively at this scene.

Actually, I didn't notice Gothra looking very intensively at this scene. Nothing like that ever happened. Nope. Not at all. Gothra wasn't trying to bore a hole right through my body with how hard she was staring.

"So, how was Bereo?" Gothra chuckled as I hefted myself up and sat beside her on the large branch.

Of course she won't let it go...

"I am grateful for his assistance in the transport and journey towards this destination."

"Ooohh, I've never heard those innuendos before. Hahaha!"

A good contender for the best joke I wrote this week.

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

A Nation of Distances is near the end of book one, and will be taking a break for a while after the next update.
I'm also afraid that the first part of the story doesn't really have a happy end, and the trigger warning for traumatising content might be relevant here, it is a creepy dystopia after all, even with all the cozy café scenes and small acts of revolutionary friendship against the system in the recent chapters.

So when Michael tries to defend Megan and Eliza from two creeps who want to assault them, he gets arrested for going against the dystopian male hierarchy, together with the girls -who are in less trouble than he is, since women cannot be tried for violence in The Nation-. He as a Gamma-1 would never have been justified to use violence against a Gamma-1.

Quote:'Everything is my responsibility. Just let the girls go home and keep them safe, if you have any male pride left yourself.’
The eyes of the cop widened. ‘You little brat! You lowly Gamma scum break all man rules by attacking an Alpha-2 and then you lecture me on how to be a man? How dare you?’
‘Nevermind, just nevermind.’ He said. He knew he had gone too far again. But anything he’d say now would go too far. He was too tired to walk on eggshells now, and even in a better state it would be hopeless to even try. The biggest problem was not that anything he said could make it worse for him,but also for Eliza and Megan, so he better kept silent now.
‘Hah, now you’re not so noisy anymore, are you? You wimpy coward. I knew you had no backbone!’ The man said when he didn’t react, but He didn’t answer anymore. This seemed to make the policeman even madder, but it seemed he had heard enough anyway, because he wrote down a few words on his paper and then suddenly said.
‘We know enough now, Mr. Adams. You go back to your cell, and then we’ll see how we will deal with you.’
And back to his cell he went, in utter misery.

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

From the chapter I am editing. I just really kinda love the introduction after only creatures were introduced before.

Quote:“Took Dust long enough. Have him wait in the second guest room,” Nahana whispered back. Sylph stopped her pfod from grabbing another piece of fatty meat. This was a chance to talk to Dust, perhaps the only one. She just had to get away from her mother and the guards, which proved difficult but she had an idea. It had nearly worked before.

“What are you going to do with the saved eggs?” She asked and grabbed more and more of the spiced meats and sweet fruits without order.

Nahana lifted her head and turned away from the arena. “We give them up for adoption. Most dragons here can’t have offspring themselves and those eggs need a family.

Sylph had expected a lot of things from indoctrination to trained guards from hatching, but not giving them to loving families. Nahana seemed to care for the dragons living in Senbo, sometimes.

The announcer hovered above the two creatures. “The winner is the waterfiend. Bring up the next challenger.”

Sylph stole another look down. “Caught on the outskirts of our town, Dave!”

“Dave?” Sylph stared at the entrance across and saw a human entered the arena. He was armed with an old spear and a small wooden shield and wore a thin brown tunic and pants held up by a simple piece of string. The gate fell closed behind the frail looking old man. “He doesn’t stand a chance.”

“You’d be surprised, perhaps he’ll even earn his freedom.”

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

This is from chapter 3 of my story. A snippet from a nightmare the MC is having.

Quote:This was Keir’s one known truth. He must not look.

However, the being at his back grew impatient. Without seeing, Keir felt, as it pressed itself closer, huffing ragged breaths down his spine. In the closeness, he felt more of it’s form. It’s scale.

Keir stood at the edge of space, and a planet perched upon his shoulders.

Then there's this, not from a story. I was drunk and had my notepad open. It matches my general vibe, though.

Quote:"Go ahead and tell me then, old man. I'm sure you've and opinion. What does it mean to love?"

"It is to wake from a dreary dream. To realise that you now live in a world painted in vivid colours.It is to be filled with the terrible dread that you might return to the grey land from which you came. To come to the sudden and sickening understanding that your life to that point has been empty and without purpose."

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

This is a snippet from Millisecond: Superspeed is a curse where in the recent Chapter 00:00:01 Milly finds the world at a standstill and uses her wits and a series of deductions to figure out what is truly happening. I just had a lot of fun with showing my sporty girl for the clever cookie she is. ^^

Quote:A brief rummage through the trash later, she had found her ‘broken’ stopwatch.


The time on the display had changed!

Four seconds wasn’t a lot, but it told Milly that time hadn’t actually stopped! She wasn’t sure how much time had passed from her perspective, but it couldn’t be more than half an hour, tops. Probably less.

“Okay! So, either I’m slowing stuff down in a radius or I’m speeding myself up… a lot.” Milly smiled. It was starting to be more fun now that she had a handle on the situation. “I know how to test this.”

One idea would be to keep walking in a straight line while periodically comparing the time on people’s phones with her own. If they were ahead, they would mean they were newly affected and she’d know the radius.

The problem was that it would only yield a result if she was slowing things down. If she was speeding herself up then she’d keep walking forever.

Fortunately, there was a nice and simple solution.

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

Spirit Exorcists Chapter 6

Mark and Ozai face off against a Heartbreak Spirit that manifested in the form of a Crow.

Quote:Mark was panicking inside his head, he was sweating, his legs froze and rooted him to the ground. This was the feeling he felt that night as well. The feeling of absolute fear.

Ozai on the other hand was unaffected by the appearance of the crow. He held out his hand, gesturing for Mark to stay in his place. He once again closed his hand into a fist and bumped his chest twice before pointing to Mark.

I got you.

Mark could almost hear Ozai say that.

Ozai turned to the spirit, which was still flapping his wings, generating wind.

Ozai pulled his bandana down, revealing a terribly scarred mouth. In fact, scarred was an understatement. It looked as if his mouth was burnt and cut in multiple areas, leaving marks and scars that did not heal properly. Ozai clapped his hands together, and formed a sign with it. His index fingers were placed next to each other, each bending in opposite directions, like feelers. The remaining fingers were bent downwards, like in a claw shape or perhaps like the legs of an insect.

Mark could see the spiritual energy gathering near Ozai and braced himself.

Ozai opened his mouth and mouthed the following words: [Come, Giant Centipede, Omukade!]

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙


Quote:"If... if you die and are reborn into a new life. Will you still be an inquisitor in your new life?" asked the old sorcerer.

"Before all this," he raised his head. "I always thought that I would be someone who works with a peaceful life, has a passion for life and is always happy and safe. Where my life is not always surrounded by a feeling of death that creeps closer every time I sacrifice for others," Nazeir stopped for a moment. "Before getting brought to health on earth, I thought that one could change their future by working hard. That's what people have always taught me. And as it turns out, fate has already done its work. This body was dying and was reborn into... something people hate. And if I die again, or go to the past. I will try to change everything, even if it will change who I am."

"Having a sense of happiness and safety," the old man thought for a second about what Nazeir said. "However, you always risk your life every day. And remember, you nearly die because of it. Aren't you afraid of dying?"

"I'm not afraid to die. I'm looking for it. I don't have to worry about losing anything," his voice trailed off, "because I have nothing. Nothing else."

The old sorcerer was silent as he watched the fire smother.

"Surely a good person like you has something to cherish."

"Oh, I'm a bad person, sorcerer. Evil doesn't compare to the good in my life," Nazeir smirked. "I kill people for a living."

"Even a bad person must have something of value in his life. You choose a lesser evil, Nazeir. That's an acceptable deed."

"You know what's funny? Hearing you talk like that makes me think it's an inappropriate thing. And that thought came from me, a murderer," he tried to keep a smile on and then nodded. "I live on a destructive path, master sorcerer. I'm just waiting for this self to choose the wrong path."

"Don't talk like that, inquisitor. We have certainly done bad things in life. There isn't a single person in this world who is innocent. But..." the sorcerer pointed at Nazeir. "I understand you. You are trying to do your best. You show that you have great sympathy and valour at times that don't show support for you. You saved a family from their downfall and lead them to a life better than before. You met a woman whose path in life was gone, and you enlightened her by giving meaning in life. In the end, she owes you. The story of your life is what legends did. You are not blinded by feelings in life. Knowledge and reasons guide you towards the righteous path."

A mutant and an old sorcerer sat by a campfire. Talking about sins and life. 

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

Hi there! Tomorrow, my poor FL Lorelei will begin her preparation to merge souls with an old shaman-lady to prove her innocence in a trial. Gregor, a shaman tasked with her protection, and the old lady are butting heads in the following short exchange.

Quote:Poking his finger with the tip of a silver knife, Gregor drew a complicated symbol on the nape of Lorelei’s neck, the warm touch of his fresh blood making her tremble. She felt a prickling, akin to ants crawling all over her skin, which intensified as Gregor muttered a short chant. There was a burst of warmth where the blood symbol lay, but it subsided in a moment so that Lorelei couldn’t even feel the pain.

“The Lady’s protections are disabled for now.” Gregor stared at the old Binshi over his mistress’ shoulder. “You may begin the hex. But beware, I am able to sense if anyone attempts to harm the Duchess.”

“Good, I like your spirit, little Wolf!” Kash-baba gave him a toothless grin. “But beware, if I wanted to harm your lady, I doubt you could do much to stop me or I wouldn’t be the Grand Elder even amongst the kush-turgans.”
There was no malice in the voice and her blue eyes were two tranquil seas without a ripple of hate or bloodthirst. She stretched out her hands towards Lorelei, palms up.
“Come, Moon-kissed Child. Don’t take this old woman’s blabbering to heart. I won’t harm you.”

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Heyo! In today's snippet from the latest chapter of IaMDM, I realise that maybe I should start writing romance novels.

Quote:“I’m strong. I know I’m brash. Blunt.” She squatted down, hugging her knees (and doing a great impression of a shrinking violet). “I never felt pretty growing up, but that was fine because I grew up fighting. Had to.” She gingerly reached up to touch her nose, tracing the jagged angles.
“So what if I broke my nose? Nobody would be interested anyway.” Jenny sighed. “It gets lonely. And yeah, I’ve got friends...but nobody who wants me. Because who would?”
“I’m not a shrinking violet. I don’t need saving. I don’t stroke egos. I don’t have a pretty face or a cute voice or-“
“I like the fact you’re muscular and intimidating.” Theo blushed, half-mumbling an admission.
Theo instantly regretted saying that out loud. He paused, looking around. The coast was clear. Nobody was near them, nor could Theo hear any footsteps or movement. Thank Gilth for that.
He knew the type of person Jenny was talking about. The kind that would brag about bedding someone very loudly half a drink in, trying to prove how manly they were. He was the exact opposite of that, and if that was the kind of person Jenny was trying to attract, then maybe he should just find the chest as fast as possible to avoid her disgust.
Or, he could run out of Union City, join Sparrow on his mission to Etol, and not see her for a long enough time for things to get better between them. Either way, he couldn’t unsay what he had said, so it was probably his cue to start rushing.
Jenny froze, mouth open, brain clearly working overtime. After enough time that Theo was starting to get concerned about her wellbeing, she suddenly stood up, looked around, found an unoccupied room, and pulled Theo in by the arm hard enough that he’d probably bruise if he didn’t have internal magic.
“Hey, what’s goi-“ Theo was cut off by her lips meeting his.

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From Infernal Academia, Chapter 32 - Unqualified Miracle Worker

Quote:Pressing a red button on the side, she began to move it about, grinning maniacally. With an almighty screech, the massive metal claw on the ceiling lurched downwards with frightening speed, latching around the Incubus' chest in no time at all. With his arms pinned to his sides, he could only wriggle and shout in protest as Alison carefully hoisted him out of his wheelchair and dumped him belly-first on the pool table.
"What the Hell are you doing?!" Cobalt cried, struggling to get up.
He was too slow, however, as she suddenly darted forward. With a pair of fluffy handcuffs, Alison chained his wrists to the legs of the table, leaving him helpless.
"You'd be surprised how handy BDSM gear is when it comes to surgery," she stated with a grin, maneuvering the claw back into place.
"Alison, let me go right this instant!" the Incubus retorted, struggling against his bindings.
She responded with a tut and a shake of her head. Disappearing out of his field of vision for a brief moment, the scientist soon returned with a medical cart in tow, laden with all sorts of tools. Scalpels, needles, forceps, a bone saw, hammers, a cement saw, a cattle prod, two kidney dishes and a policeman's service revolver. At the sight of these instruments of torture, Cobalt's blood ran cold.
"Wh- What's all this for...?" he breathed, breaking out into a sweat.
Swapping out her arm-length leather gloves for a pair of latex ones, the mad scientist slipped her welding goggles on and grinned, brandishing a syringe.
"Nothing~. Now - contrary to what any lover of yours is gonna feel - you, bluebell, might feel a little~ prick."
She unceremoniously jammed the needle deep into Cobalt's spinal column. For a split second, an unholy, searing pain flashed across the entire length of his back, causing the Incubus to shriek. As quickly as it occurred, however, everything dulled, and before he knew it, he could no longer feel anything from his midriff down.

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This one's from Chapter 63 of the Privateer. ( Yvian decides to ask the Synthetic Intelligence a personal question.

As they left the Random Encounter, Yvian had a question. "Exodus?"
"Why are you a he?"
"I am not a he," said the Genocide. "Most synthetic intelligences do not have a gender. However, humans and most other organics find it more difficult to see me as a person when they are refer to me as an it. Those of us that have dealt with humans have learned to behave as if we were of one sex or the other."
"Oh." Yvian thought about that for a moment. "But why a male?"
"Do you always pepper your clients with such personal questions?" The SI still sounded amused, but there was a subtle edge to the question.
"She does when we let her," Lissa cut in. "That's one of the reasons I'm in charge of public relations."
"Leave Exodus alone, Yvian," said the Captain. "I'd rather not piss off the Xill today."
"It's fine," said the Genocide. "It's been centuries since an organic has spoken to me in such a familiar way. As if I was a peer and not someone to be afraid of. I find such a lack of self preservartion... refreshing."
"Uh... that's nice," said Yvian. Her heartrate increased. Exodus was probably deadly on his own, but what he represented was even worse. The Genocide was the Representative and spokesperson of the Xill, a nation of machine intelligences with a near total disdain for organic life. He could have Yvian's entire species wiped out with little effort and no remorse. She swallowed, called herself a dumbass, and pressed ahead anyway. "Does that mean you're going to tell me?"
"There's not much to tell," said Exodus. "When I came online the humans referred to me as a he. I just rolled with it."

Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

Sometimes letting dice rolls determine the plot of your story is an... ah... interesting life choice. As such, today's snippet is a bit short to avoid spoiling the whole bloody thing:

Linda focused her mana into the mysterious card in her hand and a wall of black mist materialized in front of Lazarus. This must be the Black Bark Panther! The lich watched, entranced, as the creature gained a corporeal body before his very eyes.
It had to be at least three times the size of an ordinary panther and heavily muscled. Despite its ludicrous size, Lazarus had a strong suspicion that the creature was much more agile than it appeared. Truly, cats were bastards like that. It had two long protruding fangs and bright green eyes that shone with intelligence. Perhaps most worrisome, it was covered with several hard, armor-like patches on its body protecting its most vulnerable areas. He had to think quickly.
That armor is going to be a problem. I have no sword and I don't have the mana to summon another, either. And there's no way I will be able to evade the beast in this heavy set of armor.
The panther crouched down low to the ground and leapt for the wall to Lazarus' immediate left. It twisted its monstrous body in midair, aiming directly for his blind spot. He did not attempt to evade the beast; any such attempt would be folly. Instead, he infused 50 mana into his left fist and slammed it directly into the throat of the beast, directing the mana straight up through the roof of the panther's mouth.
It does not matter how armored the beast is if I destroy it from the inside!