Re: Got my first rating!


Martin Wrote: ...With no comment or review to help me address it. Sweet. :/
This is kind of a double edged sword. Sometimes the reasons for the ratings are helpful (even if some are harsh), sometimes you'd wish they just didn't put a review to explain their ratings because it'll just give you a headache.

Re: Got my first rating!


Martin Wrote: Aaaand it is a 2.5 out of 5. 

...With no comment or review to help me address it. Sweet. :/

Oh well. Progress is progress.

Hey don't worry about it. My first rating was a 3 star and I never got a reason to why I got it. No comment or review and the story was only 2 chapters and a prologue so don't let it discourage you. I kept writing and my views have gone up more and more even if I only posted once or twice a month.

Re: Got my first rating!

No point to a low rating if they're not going to give you any feedback! Sorry that happened, but glad you're trying to look at it as a positive. There is a 5-star review in your future! Sending positivity.

Martin Wrote: Looking back, I can see why some people may dislike it, but I refuse to give up on the project. I'm desperately trying to break the habit of ditching stories.

This is such a hard thing to do - you have my admiration for sticking with it.

All the best!

~ Saf

Re: Got my first rating!

2.5 is halfway to 5, which puts it at average/good! Same thing as like a 5/10 being "solid" - people just tend to buy into a weird sense of rating scales where they think anything below a 7 is terrible and not worth their time. Still, from what I've read so far I'd give it a pretty dang good, and I look forward to reading more! (I'd offer to rate it too, but I don't particularly think people should rate unfinished works - like tv shows that are still mid-seasons or so on).