I made it on the Writeathon list!

Wow; that’s all I can say for today. I took a break at Friday last week, but then I realized something. Every time I posted a new chapter, I gained a follower or two. I got confused until I looked at my notifications, and guess who made it.

Believe me, I never expected this in a lifetime. Nor did I expect 6k total views. Even though my follower count’s still low, my heart warmed a lot knowing that people now see my work more easily.

I originally wanted to join the Writathon because it sounded like a good challenge. Time after time, it exacerbated my asthma, but I carried on no matter what. I loved challenges every P.E. session, after all.

So far, once again, I’m still not on the Rising Stars page. But that’s okay. I only write for fun. What I’m looking forward to—is winning the challenge for good. Even if my chronic illness kicks in, I’ll write every day until it ends. Anyways, cheers!