Hello Everyone! New Writer here

Hello everyone,

It's a pleasure to meet you all. I've been a part of the Royal Road community for 4-5 years now. (I lurked for a little). While I haven't explored much in the forums, I've done lots of reading. Some of the first few stories I've read still remain my favorites today: Azarinth Healer and Metaworld Chronicles.

With hundreds of fantasy novels and many webnovels read in the past few years, I was inspired to write a story of my own. 

Today was the first day I started posting my story. I released 8 chapters so far and have quite a few more in the backlog. 

My story is about a hero named Kai who is betrayed and killed by his best friend. He awakes in an infant's body and swears to get revenge on his once friend. But nothing is ever that simple.

I've planned quite a journey for Kai while he fufills his vow of revenge.

The link is here if you are interested. 
Return of the Betrayed

Re: Hello Everyone! New Writer here


Hero4hire Wrote:
AlexaLee Wrote: Welcome to RR! I hope you enjoy writing here! 

I love your cover!!

If this was meant for me then thank you! 
I was very lucky to find a great artist. Incidentally he is the same artist one who did some of the covers for The Beginning After the End's kindle covers.

Honestly, it applies to you and Banner! I love both of your covers!!