Re: I'll review anybody's story based off the first 5 chapters

I don't know if you're still offering reviews, but I would appreciate it if you take a look at my new novel (6 chps out as of now)
Here's the synopsis:

We live in a world where the rabbit’s foot helped win the game. Following that logic, tell me, what happens when the odds are flipped against the strong and a god rises to give the weak their right for revenge?~Last segment of the First Monarch's speech before the Lablanca battle.

Lothar Ardolf, an alcoholic 27 years old high school teacher, was one of the many men who failed to catch up to life.
When everyone around him worked to leave a mark behind, he idled away between states of short sobriety and static numbness, hoping that one day everything would resolve itself.
It took little to wake him up. Only a life, soul and body changing experience.
Thrust into a world of cheap power and tyrannical governments, where a man could rival what is true and alter what is false, he was tasked by an elusive being with befalling titans.

He wakes up in a prison with a path laid in front of him; one that would challenge all the resolve he has and more. Intertwined in a convoluted scheme of politics and old grudges, he will need to learn how to wield his new powers in order to escape before the secrets of the prison threaten to unravel him.

However, he shortly realizes that his new faded fantasy was not a fairy tale. All that awaits him in the end, for standing against the world, is death.
That is, if the three sided coin lands on heads. If it lands on tails... The shadowbane army rises.

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