Advice for writing a character with dissociative identity disorder

Hello all!

So in my novel, my main character goes through a chronic traumatic experience. While writing these chapters, I didn't think about giving her a specific mental illness, but after posting the chapters, I realized she exhibits the symptoms of dissociative identity disorder (DID). So now, I'm considering just going with it and writing her character as afflicted by DID. The only problem is that writing about mental illness is extremely hard, especially if you don't have experience with it. Anyways, I was hoping to get advice on how to write a character with DID. 

Also, I would love to hear from someone who has DID. I want to accurately portray DID in my story, so I would appreciate it if someone who has DID or has experience with DID answered a few questions I have. What are the different terms you use for DID (i.e. alters, shifting, fronting...)? What is your feeling towards the other personalities or alters? I know this is rare, but what is it like being able to talk to your alters? Would it be considered murder if I 'curred' DID in my story and removed the alter?

Re: Advice for writing a character with dissociative identity disorder

While DID seems to be one of the more popular mental disorders in fictions (split personalities seemingly portrayed as an everyday occurrence). I personally believe that that you'd be better served if you focused on the more established disorders. PTSD, psychoses, depression, etc. have much more literature and personal anecdotes that you can tap from then DID so you'll have a better time accurately displaying the conditions of your characters and not just a stereotype or false image.

Re: Advice for writing a character with dissociative identity disorder

Biggest advice I can give is research. When your dealing with something like mental illness, it is so important that you have all of your facts correct. If even one thing doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t work like actual DID does, then your possibly in a tricky position. People get really worked up about stuff like this, and for good reason. It can be done right, it’s simply just difficult. You REALLY need to know where you want your story to go, and how you want your character to interact with the world around them. For the DID to work well it has to have a direct and meaningful impact on the rest of the story, or else it just seems shallow. And the second a mentally ill character becomes shallow, they are better off not having that mental illness in the first place.