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Just recently released my story Return of the Betrayed and it's one I have planned out to the end. It's an epic tale of revenge. The main character Kai is killed by his best friend. He awakes in a new body with all his memories. The story is about his growth as a person and magic and him finding his best friend who betrayed him. Its magic system is in a Litrpg style with my own twist. The main character will also use gravity magic which I think is pretty cool since it's not something you see. 

The genre is Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, and Romance

I am very interested in hearing some feedback on my story. Thank you!

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If you have the time an honest point by point review would be appreciated. The Wolf Saga is a fantasy adventure focused on character development rather than action. That does not mean it doesn't have any action, but rather that it's secondary. If you're not interested in such stories please ignore. Also, if you're doing 10k words that would be roughly first three to four chapters.

Have a nice day and thanks for giving it a thought!

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Shoot, could have sworn I hit submit on this one a while ago. Ah well.

Outsiders of Xykesh is an episodic D&D-inspired fantasy adventure about a band of accidental-immigrants making their way in a kingdom that doesn’t trust them.

10 chapters puts you in the middle of episode 3. 10k words I think lands you somewhere in the episode 2?

Even if I don’t make the cut, thanks for doing a thread like this. You are a blessing to the site!