What are the stats of an ideal book?

Hello everyone my name is Indian_Sage and I am new to RR. I have been writing for the past 1 week. And I don't know whether my book is doing great or not...
I have around 600 views with 9 followers and 1 review. Are these good stats? Or is it too early to judge anything about the book...
Also, I am curious about whether there are any indicators to know if my book is not doing great and if I should stop writing it...
Please share your views guys.

Re: What are the stats of an ideal book?

I can't really tell how your book is doing, because I wasn't there when the larger litRPGs started to gain traction.

However, you might want to do some review swaps and other forms of advertisement.  And it might be best if you space out the uploads by a few hours instead of minutes.  That way more timezones would get covered.  

Aside from that, I don't really know.  The goal would be getting onto risings stars by the end of the month by encouraging people to rate your story.

Edit:  Props to you on the mythology.  I read some of your story and enjoyed the diverse cast of gods.  And, ha.  Mr.Dow.

Re: What are the stats of an ideal book?

Look at it this way, you have 9 followers who are enjoying your story. It's better than 0 and I agree with Mad Sadie. Write for your own enjoyment, if something more comes of it then so be it. A lot of readers here prefer books having 40/50+ chapters before even looking at a story as they like to binge read. Also, what helped me the most was promoting my work on R/LitRPG and R/RoyalRoad. Good luck :)