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I see many recommending Naruto. Now, I am a HUGE Naruto fan, but I wouldn't recommend it for a 9-year-old. The story and themes are great, characters are engaging (Kakashi forever!) but it can get pretty dark and creepy, even before the Shippuden arcs.
The same goes for Attac on Titan.
Pokemon is tame, Yu-Gi-Oh too, and... ha, Digimon was also cool and family-friendly.

Re: Japanese anime for 9yo


RavenRunes Wrote: Genre preference - not really sure, he's just watched Kotaro Lives Alone and liked it, loves Ghibli, Pokemon, Avatar and Korra. We're fine with monsters, ghosts and mild violence (no gore), if it has a martial arts element then good too. 

Not bothered about modern or old (oi, 1990's isn't old, y'all!)

I never got into manga, couldn't see the appeal, even though everyone I knew lived and breathed it. I'm obviously bodaciously unkewl.  Drakana
So considering Ghibli I want to throw out Somali and the Forest Spirit and Ancient Magus Bride. Natsume Yuujinchou and Mushi-shi too, if you can sit through a slower paced show. You might want to check the Magus Bride and Mushi-shi on gore level though, I don't recall anything excessive but I do remember a very horrific narrative about cat sacrifice in the former. I recommend them all for their mysticism, which I find is what draws me to Ghibli movies. I might also recommend Mamoru Hosoda's catalogue, with the exception of his Digimon and One Piece movies, simply because they require context. I love that One Piece movie though. Bakemono no Ko will feed that martial arts hunger in particular. Also feeding it, there's Hajime no Ippo. That one has a huge number of episodes behind it, and I hear nothing but good things.

I also want to recommend Seirei no Moribito. One of the spear fights in that series still sticks with me for how smooth that animation was. I don't remember the plot being all that interesting though.

I'm sure I can think of more, but I'm drawing blanks right now. I'm particularly trying to think of ones that inspired me to start learning Japanese again.

Re: Japanese anime for 9yo

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure… maybe it’s not age appropriate, but I’ve been watching stuff like that since I was 5.

1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (series)
2. Grave of the Fireflies (kids movie)
3. Detective Connon (Not sure if I spelt it right)
4. Go Panda Go
5. My Neighbor Totaro (kids movie)
6. Firefore? (Not sure)
7. Soul Eater
8. Transformers (most of them you can find in Japanese)
9. Ghost Stories 
10. Something about a bookworm isekai (probably ascendence of a bookworm.)