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Re: I thought the site didn't allow porn...


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BlackheartEros Wrote: There aren't many trustworthy web novel sites out there, and many only promote romance, so there's very few places for things like science fiction and horror, for example. I feel like it would be a good thing for some diversity and less claiming that 'other' books will be trashed.

And I was trying to be polite and not use the words 'hard core progressive bias' when describing the sort of books that will get trashed instantly. If you try and publish a book here that opposes that viewpoint, your book will be dashed before you can blink. 

You cannot criticize popular sexual kinks, popular government styles, popular psychology, popular philosophy, or even popular science in some cases. Your fiction will be deemed 'problematic' and removed.

Once you understand the enforcement rules it is easy to write for RR. If you have a story who's integrity requires you to throw those rules away, you had best publish it elsewhere or risk censure. It's that simple, and it is NOT an argument.

Oh no, no no no, can we not turn this into another "Woke SJW radical feminist Royal Road mods are censoring my favorite alt-right novels for daring to oppose their woke liberal indoctrination" threads that eventually gets closed and deleted?

We already had someone do two of these threads trying to get his fiction on here, saying that that was the reason why the mods wouldn't allow it on Royal Road. I went ahead and read and reviewed his fiction, and it was nothing but unsettling revenge fantasy against caricatures of political groups he didn't like. These "Why is my fiction/comments/reviews being targeted by the mean Royal Road mods/readers/authors?" threads always turn out the exact same way, so can we just not do this?

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So me and my girl were just kicked out of Eden for nothing! I guess the folks in charge just don't want people eating food now? I'm tired of this divine biblical agenda being forced down our throats! Apparently being hungry is a "sin".

Re: I thought the site didn't allow porn...

To put this argument to rest. We don't allow "porn" and since OP implied that his story is one - that is all there is to say about it.

As for the novel he linked to, sometimes we just look at stories on a case-by-case basis, and we decide where the hard cut line with it as people can get really creative in writing. Generally, it looks like this one will have a pass, especially since later chapters don't have sexual content. Seems like the story was "front-loaded", and the author quickly realized that this won't work for RR. 

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