Saga is working a dead end job out in nowhere. Their friends are all off doing big things or having cozied up and gotten together. Meanwhile, Saga has just been tried to make as little noise as possible while trying to figure their life out. A life that is abruptly and rudely ended at the hands of a unsettling creature while working the nightshift. Only to find themselves in another world.

Armed with nothing but a poor temperament and strange magical guide, they find themselves in a strange, yet oddly familiar new world, surrounded by runic magic, undead, magical beasts, half-giants and more. Now Saga must find a way to make a new life for themselves while also figure out how to not end up dead, again. 

Journey alongside Saga as they find themselves and grow, both as a warrior and as a person. 

It is what it says on the tin. Dreams of Valhalla stars Saga, a nonbinary, femme-presenting protag who dies when a creature from another world visits their store out in nowhere. Granted a new chance by a Goddess of Death who was meant to prevent such things from happening, they wake up in a strange forest in the middle of the winter. In a world not their own, they are soon about to be neck deep in a brewing conflict while making new friends and enemies.  

The biggest problem? They aren't some clever, suave mage or powerful rare skill user who can outsmart or hide between an arsenal of tools. They are a Berserker, they get mad and hope they live long enough for someone to patch them up afterwards.