Re: How often do you post new chapters?

I don't know if its the best, but I've always tried to keep a consistent schedule with my updates. If I decided to update 5 days a week, then I'll keep doing that even after the inital posting period. I also aim to have chapters roughly the same length each update, so I write them out first to have a couple months head start to see if I can handle the pace then start posting what had fit me best.

Currently I'm posting 5 days a week with a minimum of 1500-2500 words per chapter. I'm planning on increasing chapter size if I get more time to write, but nothing super crazy. Maybe up to 3k or so per chapter.

Summary: find what you are comfortable with and stay consistent with it.

Re: How often do you post new chapters?

I second Amber here. Find a schedule you can maintain and maintain it. Keeping to your schedule is important to keep your readers happy and also ensure quality chapters. 

I personally do twice a week but write 2-4 weeks in advance. That way, I have plenty of chances to proofread and edit before publishing. Additionally, I can maintain that schedule easily because even if I have a bad week, I still have enough backlog to keep my schedule. 

Remaining consistent is the best thing you can do, especially when authors drop fictions all the time.