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Michael in A Nation of Distances never felt really at home in his world. His parents always were distant, he never felt appreciated because he never was 'man' enough as an intellectual introvert, and The Nation is a self-obsessed country cut off from the rest of the world (if there's such a thing left in the 27th century) where manliness and hierarchy are everything. And then everything gets even more complicated when his rating in the hierarchy (he's Gamma on a scale from Alpha to Epsilon) goes up to Gamma-1 on is eighteenth birthday, making him a class one male. To celebrate his new rating his father lets him choose a fiancée at a Wife School, and that while he hasn't even talked to a girl not part of his nuclear family since he was five (and even that was a mistake).

On the other side of the Distance there is Megan who is not interested in marriage at all, but she could do with more black market books (the education level in Wife School is rubbish, and she likes higher sciences or advanced robotics). And then there's Eliza, nick-named 'the man-hater' by some, who seems to have some connection to Michael already. Will they at least succeed in becoming friends, or will they just be crushed by a devastating system that destroys both sexes in very different ways?

(The story is a mix of low-tech scifi dystopia and some kind of slice-of-life drama, often dialogue heavy and with a slightly disturbing worldbuilding. )

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The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE is a certified Royal Road classic! This fun series is a whimsical romp straight out of Super Friends and other similar cartoons from the 1960s and 1970s. Travel back in time to an era where superheroes were fun with BLUE EAGLE and his sidekick SWITCH THE BLUE EAGLET as they defend the people of Herald City from supervillains galore, including the sinister mistress of plants, QUEEN VENUS!

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Here as a time-poor writer working around job and family looking to pick up some more reviews from the April contest!

A fair amount has happened in all of these within the first five chapters so hopefully interesting to review!
Saga of the Jewels (ongoing)
Epic steampunk ensemble cast fantasy. Avatar: The Last Airbender meets the Final Fantasy series.
Clarent Saga: Chronicles (ongoing)
I am literally writing this for an indie videogame
Weakling (completed)
Superhero with a mental-health related twist

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Heya, my story is called a Lonely Spiral.

It's about a confused girl waking up in a world without light and a toad stuck in her mouth, setting out on a path to find out more about herself and everything around her while trying to be her best self in a very hostile world. First fiction, six chapters out at the time of writing, critique and comments are appreciated.


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Bilgewater Battle Royale is a long-form multi, multi POV story with only one winner. The BR takes place over 7 in-game days, and I've recently finished posting the end of day 1.
While it's based on my interpretation of League of Legends lore and abilities, I have tried my best to make it accessible for those who know nothing about it. But if you do, I've placed many easter eggs for you to find.
The genre is GameLit (no stats) and dives often into experiences deriving from streaming/gaming culture.

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One more story to read: Lux Follower (look at the signature for the link).

It's a classical LitRPG progression fantasy story about an orphan boy who comes of age. He needs to think about what kind of life he wants and pick a class accordingly. In the end, he chose to be a Lux Acolyte, a kind of light spellcaster with an artistic sub occupation.

The world where it takes place is peculiar as the sun doesn't move, so there is no day/night alternation.

Any feedback is welcome!

(Participant in the 2022 writathon challenge)

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Welcome to Ascendance Of A Fox (AF). This is a story about a fox's struggle in a world of swords and magic. Tragedy strikes the young fox Nike as her parents suddenly disappear, leaving Nike alone. In her search for her parents, humans capture her, experiment on her, and mutate her. When Nike eventually escapes, she is traumatized. Nike must work through her trauma, learn the mystery of her parents, and stop the humans from destabilizing the beast region.

I plan on making AF a very long series of books—probably 5 to 6. The story utilizes a complex storytelling model. Characters demonstrate complexity with their conflicting motivations, multiple roles, multiple responsibilities, and both strengths and weaknesses. AF's focus will mainly be on the development of the characters with a small number of action scenes. AF's world will contain many cultures, philosophies, and many other social constructs based on political science.

Currently, there are only 2 chapters published  4361 words or 15 pages, but I will be publishing new chapters at least once a week on Fridays. Please give the first couple of chapters a read-through and tell me what you think: Ascendance Of A Fox.

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I'm writing Blood and Noodles, a dark-ish fantasy about an annoying kid in a bloody world that contains slice-of-life and comedic elements.
Here's the synopsis:

As they always have, humanity hunts the gods roaming the world, craving the supernatural power that flows within their veins. Even a drop is zealously guarded, passed from master to student through the ages. It is with this stolen power that the Blooded - those with divine blood coursing through them - grasp beyond mortality and achieve prestige, power, and greatness. Yet, for every fraction of power gained, thousands perish, slain by the gods' supernatural prowess. But everything is beginning to change.

Eight years ago, for the first time in human memory, a god was felled.

Part-time chef and full-time nuisance Orvi wants nothing to do with gods. Living in a backwater city, his only concerns are ensuring his adopted family's restaurant is prosperous and how to best beat the neighbourhood boys in a fight. If he's lucky, he might even snag a date with the farmer's daughter at the market.

But even though he cares nothing for the gods or their blood, the world won't leave him alone forever.

Because to reach godhood, one must first leave their humanity behind.

I'm also participating in the writathon, and am writing at a rate of around one or two chapters per day. There are five chapters (including the prologue) out so far, and any feedback on them, or anything else, would be appreciated.

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Do you know how every MC always has some weakness, and they barely survive it? Mara doesn't. She has no kryptonite, No Depleted Uranium, and No worry about fire or high pitched sounds. She is just a badass immortal that can't be killed. 
Mara spends her time protecting the weak and helping orphaned children whose families were destroyed by monsters. The only thing that can hurt Mara is the death of a friend or a child, and she has lived 10,000 years and dealt with more than she can count. 

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I'm Overpowered but I'll Let the Hero Do His Thing While I Save the Last Boss - story complete at 150,000 words!
Link -

Reborn to Rescue a Video Game World! 

After dying during a worldwide pandemic, ordinary college student Asteria was given a fresh start in the world of a popular video game. Her mission: to protect mankind from a forgotten danger. However, shouldn’t the original main character of “Tales of Vesterland” be given his chance to shine? Now, armed with ALL the cheats, she’s decided to let the hero do his thing while she saves the last boss and gets rid of the real villain who’s been hiding behind the scenes. Join this OP adventurer in her hilarious candy-fueled quest to befriend the hero, save the villains, and kick ass!

Also starring: Sariel. He thinks he's hot stuff because has it all - looks, superhuman abilities, and a great fashion sense. Too bad that the process that gave him superpowers has a secret side effect...

Note: Multiple POV characters (male and female)

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On the one hand, I should have posted sooner in the month. On the other, I'm advertising my writathon entry, and only just now hit 25k in it. Didn't really have much to say at the beginning of the month.

If you're intereste in cyborg girls fighting with graphene katanas to thrwart terrorist plots and kill giant monsters, you should check out Fertilizer Wars. I'm updating it daily until it wraps up, then I'll go back to my biweekly releases of epic fantasy.

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Well, Lost souls: Road to godhood, is a generic story that will get buried like my hopes, so you might as well continue scrolling. 
But if for some reason, you feel pity or want to crush the dreams, of author number #17593, feel free to comment.  

Anyway, enough with the jokes.  
There was once an MC (Luz) who lived a peaceful and happy life with his siblings in their village till their death.  

Nah jk, as one might expect the author had other plans for them, and since suffering builds character and definitely won't break character the village got destroyed, just like my dreams of a writing career and their dream of becoming mages together. Forced by circumstances, Luz used a spell, way above his league. -A teleportation spell 

As one might expect, definitely not bc the Author enjoys tormenting his characters, the spell failed and all of the siblings got yeeted to different places. Now it's up to them to find each other in a godforsaken world where magic rules supreme, while also sharpening their blades for revenge if they won't end up as slaves bc the world is cruel 

The story follows Luz on his adventure, while also giving glimpses of what is happening to the rest of his siblings. It was originally meant to be a multiple-lead novel. But after reconsideration, the rest of the siblings will be side MCs, so basically MCs with no spotlight as they rot in the background before the author chose to take them out at some random chapter

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I'm promoting my story Cascadia, a very light on numbers Lit-Rpg focused on a exiled warrior trying to make friends and maybe figure out why his past is so messed up in a mix of fantasy mechanics with sci fi trappings and modern living. 

If you like when there's some RPG and game elements but don't like tons of stat blocks and would rather hear about weird worlds or kick around the bad part of town and find it's hidden dungeons with a group of oddballs... then come on in! I think you'll like my mix of Adventure and exploration, action and conflict, and down time where the characters build friendships or enjoy life in a backwater colony, all centered on a city located on a vast pine-studded coast. Love kyaking? Cycling? Driving an old Pickup truck to try to find a crashed UFO? Cascadia awaits!

You want monsters and dragons and maybe a brawling bundle of bigfeet*? Got em.

You say hey, what about fighting other people? Maybe a one on one duel in an arena with flashy attacks, or a rampage through a city with tons collateral damage and having to figure out the other guy's special powers? Oh yeah Joe, that's there.

Do you like when they open up a treasure chest and go over loot? Maybe using magic items for stupid mundane tasks? Me too, bring on the gecko hands and magical machine gun rapier! Not to mention -That Dress-.

You want dungeons floors that range from a walk in monster infested woods to weird MC escher inpsired dungeons that resemble giant floating bike wheels over seas of scented slime? Or trains in an endless looping apocalypse running from a wall of fire? Yep. That's oddly specific but yeah it's in there.

How about a main character with the power to use any weapon as any other weapon he's used, firing off special attacks with the 'wrong' weapons to get the edge on his foes, monster and otherwise? That's in here too. I promise that I take the concept to it's logical extremes as the story progresses. No, you need to think bigger then someone human size using a bus as a javelin. But that's happened too in the story, since you asked.

It's an everything stew with both sinister space nobles and snarky goblin inventors, elven maidens learning the joys of insta-snapping selfies, dragons and spaceships and time bending assassins... oh my! But even when he's trying to use a samurai sword technique with a nuclear bomb, I put a focus on keeping the story as clear as possible so you understand the steps that lead to the madness.

'But Roof Monster,' you say, 'I hate when I click something and I'm done with what's out super fast!'

Good news, it's at 80 chapters and over 1200 pages you won't be stuck waiting for an update any time soon. And I post chapters 3 times a week. Hot dog!

Well what are you waiting for? The link's right down there!

*ps: That's really the plural of bigfoot. For real. I looked it up.

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Hello, I am the author for From the Beginning of Time. This is a story I’ve been working on for a few months now and I definitely have a lot planned, I just hit 50,000 words but I release chapters weekly on Sunday at 1 PM EST. I’ll post the description and link below, if you find yourself interested, please consider joining my team and I on this journey! Thank you and have a great day. 

Four friends find themselves reborn after they all die together in a car crash and get reincarnated together at the beginning of time. 

Eventually, they start to notice that they aren’t the same as they were, as they now have boundless power and unlimited knowledge at the cost of the slow erosion of their humanity. 

Because of that, they rush to create a world where the MC will eventually be born into before they fully lose themselves. They then split into 4 different continents and create gods from mythology, also known as their “children”, and develop their own systems. 

After that, it time-skips to a medieval like era with magic. The "children", also known as pantheon gods, now rule as kings and queens. The world has lots of back story full of its own tales of heroes and monsters. 

The overarching theme of the story, though, is that Power does not Corrupt, it only reveals a person's true nature. Everyone is bound by rules, morals, obligations, and responsibilities, even gods, which is why everyone lusts for power in one way or another. 

This brings out the innermost characteristics of a person, thus "corrupting" the image people have of said person.

Also, this is my first time writing a story, and I’ve only been doing this for three months. So any suggestions/feedback/comments are welcome, and my dms are open!

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Hi all! With the Writathon going on this month I felt encouraged to finally start posting a story here. I have quite a few unshared, unfinished stories on my hard drive, even a few completed drafts, but nothing I ever felt was worth sharing publicly.

Been writing my story a day at a time, chapter by chapter, and it feels like the words are flowing easier and easier day by day. Having engaged readers who get excited about new chapters helps immensely, as does their feedback.

I figure if my story was absolutely terrible one of my readers would have been good enough to quietly let me know by now, the internet being the kind, safe space that it is. That being the case, I feel safe enough to promote my story a bit and share it here:

My story is The Laptop Hero. It's a LitRPG Isekai/Portal Fantasy, where the main character gets summoned into a fantasy world. My "twist" is that the world my character gets summoned into isn't one governed by a System. Instead, he gets one thanks to a magical bond he forms with his gaming laptop. He's an introvert who would rather stay inside and play games on his laptop than go out and kill monsters to grind skill levels and level up to get stronger, but of course circumstances being what they are he won't get what he wants all that often.

In his new world there are two sayings, "Trouble follows Heroes" and "Heroes follow Trouble." Whichever is the case, all agree the two go hand in hand. The question is if he will find the trouble first, or if it will find him.

There's a fair amount of humor and pokes at gaming and literary tropes, but I wouldn't call it a parody. I'm still on the fence for if should be considered Slice of Life. It probably is, based on my pacing so far.

Here's the blurb from the story page:
Quote:Silas got summoned to another world—by a group of kids attending magic school who seemed rather unhappy with the results of their ritual. After a brief glimpse of his summoners Silas woke in the town dump. Unable to speak the local language, a misunderstanding escalated and before long Silas wound up in a jail cell, the locals having confiscated all his worldly possessions aside from his laptop, which had formed some strange bond with him. Now he can summon his laptop at will, and he can view his Status, level up, and gain powerful skills and magic as if he were some character in a video game, which is great and everything, but all Silas really wants to do is sit in a dark room and play games on his laptop.

Only, life isn't a game, and Silas needs to get his act together because everyone else is playing for keeps. Or does he? Maybe for Silas life is just one big game now, with everyone else stuck playing by his rules.
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