A number of milestones

In the last two weeks, Heretical Oaths has:
- Hit Rising Stars
- Gotten Top 400, got knocked down 350 ranks because of trolls, recovered Top 400
- Passed 50k views
- Passed 600 followers
- Gotten released on Amazon!

I'm rather new to writing--started posting on RR for the first time just over two months ago--so I'm very very excited about all this!
Heretical Oaths

Since times long lost to history, magic power has been gained through a contract with divinity. The vast majority of mages are pacted to the eight core gods and the sixty-four lesser ones. Lily Syashan—formerly Lily of House Byron—holds an oath to a forgotten god. Exiled into a peasant village after her parents were executed for treason, Lily swore that she would gain power and succeed where her family failed.