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For me, it's the character of Screen - who I originally invented to just say two lines to the MC during a scene in the Tech department (explaining the secret bird drones or something). But as the story progressed and I had more revisions, any time I needed someone from Tech that wasn't the department head, I started to use Screen, and now she's one of the most fully developed secondary characters I have.

She's fun, she's fat, she's a lesbian, and I love her so much. <3

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Everyone is always looking at Charlie and her innocent shenanigans, skimming over Evelynn who has to pick up the pieces in the background.  Evelynn just wants to live a simple life as a merchant and help her best friend recover her memories.  The wench in her plans is that Charlie got turned into an eldritch horror and had lost nearly all her human memories.  
Evelynn has to be the sensible one in their dynamic, reining in some of Charlie's more questionable impulses.  And as a responsible adult, Evelynn loves money, further compounded by her merchant career choice.

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Hey! Great thread idea! It's nice to give some love to 'the other guys' in the stories!

For me, it's the cheeky and cheerful Dylan Petersly aka 'Flip'! 

He's my comic relief character and allows me to have a bit more fun (I think) especially when he's in scenes with his flat mate Tyler. I really enjoy their dynamics together. And he really cares about the MC - Kimona - and I like to show moments of their entirely platonic relationship. 

His journey over the volumes isn't always as eventful as the other characters, I'll be the first to admit. Does it need to be? Probably not. It's nice when there's so much going on with other people, that he can be the guy who is trying to get on with things and be the go-to for something tonally a bit lighter. 

I just have a soft spot for him and he has a wonderfully daft and fun story coming up in Volume 3 which I can't wait to share, maybe a Halloween special this year too and further in Volume 4, he's shaping up to be a great conduit to express and show how the world the story takes place in has changed for the characters

...but I can't say more than that. 

Actually, I just had to come back to say a bit more about Dylan.
Heroes of The Collective is a multi-lead, multi-character-of-focus series blah blah blah, but if I was to do a spin off series based on one character, or if someone God forbid had a gun to my head and said "you can't keep annoying us with switching characters nearly every chapter, choose one damn it!" I feel like it would be him. He has everything- the looks, the physical strengths and moves, he has a strange work/education set up that he juggles, a non superpowered ladies man of a flat mate. 
A series about his life has potential New Girl vibes and I love that for him, complete with who I can see playing him on screen! Let's hear it for Dylan! Haha!

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I can't actually get into him much because he hasn't appeared yet, but it's been really fun building up the father of two of my MCs. Here's what's been said about him so far:
  • He's one of the highest ranked officials in the space military that all the MCs work for.
  • He started out as a whistleblower. Some people within the military were trying to make an unauthorized death ray. This incident made public headlines, and he was hailed as a hero.
  • He's also gotten death threats, some involving his family.
  • He is highly distrustful of people outside of the family and has successfully instilled that in his eldest son. The youngest, not so much.
  • People think his sons got to be captains of a very special ship because of him. So far, this seems to be true for one of them but not the other. The one that he did get the job for mainly got it because no one else would volunteer.
  • According to his youngest son, he tries not to let others know of their existence.
  • He and his eldest son share a strong resemblance.
  • He and his ex-wife are amicably divorced. She's the only one aside from him who knows which country the death ray's target was.
  • He's Venezuelan-American, with a Venezuelan accent.

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Philly is a very effusive ghoul with boundary issues that was once an elf but really has a lot more fun being a ghoul. She's technically a monster, so even though she's very nice, almost everyone she meets tries to kill her. She considers herself the MC's best friend, while the MC considers her a pest that can be sometimes useful because her claws are long and fangs are sharp. Oh, and it's really, really hard to get Philly to wear anything. It just feels wrong, you know?

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When Rakta Velbrun, unsuspecting father of three Isekai'd children, set off to a village he had been given lordship over, he met an imposter Rakta Velbrun trying to take his position. 

Doh, the doppelganger-blooded memory magician, didn't put up a fight and instead escaped as the rest of her mercenary band tried to fight Rakta, being later found by Rakta at a nearby village months later during an unrelated investigation. 

And that was how, in return for Doh's aid, Rakta got a shapeshifting maid for his children.

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I have another series not in RR, called Lavia in Akraios. This secondary character is called Tsukibi, and she randomly faints. She has lots of love/hate relationship with the other kids in school. Some other boys try to awkwardly approach her all the time but her magic is very strong, so she waves them off or lightly teases them back. She helps clean up the school too; when she cleans the boys' dorm corridor, she kinda just lock them up in their room, to their futile protest.

Always feel kinda ticklish when I'm writing her.

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Hi! I'll throw in 'the good twin'. Stella is the enthusiastic and flirty teleporter of the main hero team. Seeing as she's on a team with her evil half and the least trustworthy person in the entire school, Stella is by default the approachable one. Well, provided she stays in one place long enough. Her teleportation makes her a lot of fun to write since it works for comedy and solves most transportation problems. Plus she's the only one with a running gag, despite doing no running. Bye!

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Oh gosh. There are so many, both in my story called DOTS and in The VocaLords. I love all my characters, and do my very best to make them unique, and come alive.

But if I had to choose just one (Sorry! Anna and Milton and Miku!) It would be my Aika. So squishy cute and crazy-nuts, she is the true Hero in DOTS, although she would never ever say as much. 

Let's let her describe herself here, shall we?

     The voice of a true genius came quietly from her closet. "Hank?" Aika asked. "Are you still with me?"
     "Sensai, I am here. Come out and be with me."
     "I want you to do what you want," Aika demanded, soft yet also stern. "Do you want Teek, and want her to want you?" It took a second for Hank to realize Aika had asked a question. "Do you want Anna and her friends? Her urges and her womanhood, her passion and her joy?"
     Hank moaned as he surrendered his mind to the demon in the closet. "Oh my heavens. You're so right about Anna."
     Aika peeked at Hank to marvel at him from her closet. "Wow. You want Anna to want you in the way she wants you to be. That's kind! Thank you very much!"
     She emerged wearing her big man's white dress shirt, unbuttoned and unbridled, and naked beneath it. She lay on her bed, using the shirt's hems and buttons to play with her cat.
     "You want to have your way with me," she said without emotion to the man gaping before her.
     "Who wouldn't?" he replied, mimicking her way of stating questions. "You're very uninhibited." He watched her enjoy her nakedness, her legs open, with Carolus laying between them.
     "Dream for me," she said. "Dream big."
     Hank crumbled like feta cheese. His body screamed for the temptress centered on her bed, offering everything. He could use her however he desired, and for as long he cared to do it. She'd be as demanding as she was compliant, willing and belligerent, fulfilling all his fantasies, submitting to any fetish, no matter their range or number, so long as he allowed her to do the same in kind.
     He could only mumble as he slobbered like a dog. "Oh Aika."
     She held out her arms to welcome him in. "Come," she said as an order.
     Reality changed in an instant. He found himself between her legs, where Carolus once laid, curled up like a kitten as she stroked his hair.

Well. We'll let you take it from there. ❤😈❤

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Oof, what a difficult question to ask someone who has literally hundreds of characters planned for one book. Well, I'd have to say as of right now, the Big Three in my series are known as

•Captain Blackbeard (real name unknown)
•Captain Whitebeard (aka Edison Redburn)
•Captain Billy Kidd

I suppose I'll just say a little about Kidd in a most non-spoiler way as possible. Kidd is...beyond interesting. He's 25 years old, and is one of the strongest and most influential pirates in the series (keep in mind this isn't a historical fiction or something as a previous reviewer made the mistake of thinking, it's a fantasy adventure series with it's own history)

Kidd's backstory is an extremely brutal one. It's not particularly focused on, but a few paragraphs is enough to show how horrible the world in the 1750s could be. After his parents rebelled against the black slave traders who called themselves "The Dealers", Kidd and his parents were thrown into a slave ship to be sold to buyers in Spain by the Dealers. However, the ship got caught in a snowstorm near the coast of Norway, and crashed into a massive iceberg. The Dealers immediately left via their rowboats, while the slaves were all left behind. Already weakened, they began to collapse one by one before Kidd was the only one left. He didn't believe that his mom and dad were dead, though, and was lying on her lap crying before he was saved by the strongest Ascendant in history, the great pirate Captain Collin Devils.

Long story short, Kidd joined the Devils Pirates for several years before his ambition and desire for power to eliminate the dealers and create a world free of discrimination overtook him, and fled Japan after learning Ki and setting a plan in motion there. After leaving, he immediately created the Kidd Pirates, and his main goal at the start was to destroy the Dealers.

But after the rise of a certain former slave known now as Captain "Black" Morgan, Kidd realized that his wish to destroy the Dealers would be carried out by Morgan sooner or later, and decided to continue forward with his plans to find the mythical Continent of Gold.

Since I have no idea how to show my book directly in the comments, it's called Ocean's Rage. I only have 13 chapters out so far if I'm not wrong. Check it out if you're interested in pirate stuff!

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For me, it's easily Jack Ace. He is the vice leader of The Crisis Nemeses, but he has yet to have his spot on the spotlight, only serving as a minor secondary character for Arc 2. however, he is still one of my favorite characters because of the following reasons: 
1- He embodies the concept of a street magician, a character theming I don't see a lot of but thoroughly enjoy. 
2- He is inspired by Jhon Constantine and Gambit, thus his "street magician" theming."
3- He is literally named after two playing cards (The Jack of Spades and the Ace of Diamonds). 
4- He fights with a mixture of martial arts, playing cards, and strings.
5- His backstory is one of my favorites, especially how he joined The Crisis Nemeses.

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I have too many of those.

But, one of the characters that only gets like four paragraphs is one I kinda grew attached too. Not the most, but I really like Guard #6. He does not even get a name but something about his terrible situation just speaks to me. He is young and took the job to work hard to provide for his very little brother whom he fled with. Now I don#t want to spoil the story, but let me say this: "Bzzzt".

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My main secondary character could be argued as just a ‘second protagonist’ due to how often they stick around to the story. Due to this, I’ll exclude Manaka Omo from this.

Aside from Omo, my favorite secondary character would have to be David Anderson. He’s a nice contrast to the rest of the story’s setting and general demographic. While everyone is a Japanese High Schooler with supernatural powers, David Anderson is the grown up Detective of the New Tako Town Police Department who has investigated the mysterious serial arsons in his town for the past 2 years with little-to-no success up until Super Sekken takes place.

He doesn’t show up as nearly as often as Omo and Miyuki Sekken, but he’s the driving force that makes the plot possible. He’s a hard working man with good faith in his skills and fellow law enforcement colleagues. He even goes as far as to admit some of the sketchy business in the government line of work and seeks to follow his own path for keeping his town safe. He’s also willing enough to be a parental figure to Miyuki when no one else could.

As I post this, there will be more to show about David when the story concludes tomorrow which I’m excited to show : ).

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Oooh, this looks fun! I'll join in. 

Here's my take for The Stormcrow Cycle

One of the most important secondary characters throughout the entire trilogy is Nikias, son of Nidemus of House Astros. He's the son of a concubine and the patriarch of House Astros, and the heir apparent. Life's a bit tough for him, though, because aside from being the son of a concubine, he's also biracial: Nikias is half-Sander, a race of people that the empire has been at war with, on and off, for generations. As such, he is a strict perfectionist who's entirely goal-driven with very little time or leeway for a personal life. 

To make matters worse, Nikias has a deep, dark secret that he can't trust anyone with, not even his dork of a best friend (or is that "best frenemy"?), who, thank the fates, managed to survive a terrible bandit ambush. That's great news, except who does that thoughtless dolt drag back home but a mysterious and clearly very dangerous Sander witch? 

This could ruin his plans. Ruin them a lot. Unfortunately for Nikias, the more he sees of Ba'an, the more he...sees. And the more he sees, the more sympathetic he feels. And the more sympathetic he feels...

Well, this could be a problem. 

Here's an excerpt from the first (and currently only) chapter in his POV:

Quote:Once he arrived, he sat at the desk and gestured for some tea. A slave that had been waiting quietly against the wall peeled away to the kitchen to fetch it. Without looking up, he added, “And bring Euthus while you’re out.”

“Yes, kyrios.”

Nikias noted that the pile of papers on his desk had grown. This was to be expected; his slaves brought round whatever missives were left over at the office every evening after dinner. Nikias did not habitually spend his later hours in idle leisure; he could not.

He was the half-Sander heir to House Astros. He could not be anything but exemplary.

Complaints. Reports. Hm. No, this one was…ah, yes. Nikias smiled grimly. It seemed many of the ruling elite had gotten rather fat and lazy during his predecessor’s reign. Many seemed to believe they could continue skipping out on their fair share of taxes; they were in for a very rude awakening.

Nikias set those reports aside. He’d have to invite everyone over for a dinner party with Gaios and his men. A subtle show of force was always more effective than politely worded missives.

More complaints. Building plans were finished; well, that was good. And…

Nikias almost sighed.

Not even a full day back, and Lukios had already generated two complaints. Typical. The man couldn’t keep himself out of trouble even if his life depended on it—which it often did. Naturally, he was also the luckiest son of a satyr alive, landing on his feet with more consistency than a cat. 

Case in point: he was alive, and had even sauntered out of the desert with a witch on his arm—a ludicrously powerful witch that Nikias had never even heard of, never mind met.

Nikias shuffled the papers to the side of his desk to make space for a map. He walked to the bookshelf behind him, picked out the scroll he wanted, then returned to his desk. A detailed map of the desert unfurled on its surface beneath his hand.

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I might be biased because she's SO my cup of tea in real life, but -- Ashultum. Ash, for short.
She's tall and buff, she can crack your head open and will if given even half a chance. Wide cheekbones, a long dark braid, aquiline nose, her laughter shakes the walls and rattles the windows.
Short tempered, loyal to a fault, a seasoned mercenary whose heart is so big it could swallow a whole continent. She's the best friend one could hope for, a pillar of strength and a constant companions in dire times. Kicking a manticore's rear? Striking down a god? Slapping that obnoxious guy who thinks he's the toughest of them all? She's game.

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Honestly, this one is kinda hard (so I'm gonna cheat a little and speak about two).

The first is Alena, a child raised by the village and later saved by our main character Azrael. While the village chief and village decide to beg Azrael to protect them as their lord, Alena decides that she wants to be strong enough to protect herself and eventually pay back the debt she owes Azrael by protecting him. It is a completely wholesome master/disciple relationship between a man who avoids the world and a girl who is mute.

My second character is James, a heavy-swordsman of ridiculous size and strength. A bit of an enigma when he enters the story he follows our main character for one reason only - to fight, because what is life without good food, good drink and a good fight? Despite his unwavering desire to fight every worth opponent, James is a straightforward guy and honestly a bit of a kind goofball, full of humour and the occasional nugget of wisdom that leaves one wondering is he really is as simple as he acts, or whether he knows more than he lets on.

Join Azrael, Alena and James is New Earth: