Promote your book by naming a character flaw

I have been seeing all these promote your story with XX, so I decided to make my own. 
For this one, it’s simple, define a flaw about your main character, something that makes your character imperfect or something that can be used against them. 
Here’s an example: 

My character, Mal, does not think before they act, often leading to consequences. 

Now share yours

Re: Promote your book by naming a character flaw

Doc Z has lots of flaws.  He's been kind of a coward, especially early on.  He's easily distracted, even in the middle of a fight.  He cannot taste things, so always ends up eating meal bars that taste like cardboard because everything does.  This leads him to forget to eat sometimes.  He's also quite arrogant.  He knows this and is trying to change, but he's not that good at it.  

He is selfish and a little bit amoral.  Again, he's trying to change that.  But it isn't easy.  He has other flaws that are spoilers, so I won't reveal them here.  He's not very strong, even though he is rather athletic for a post-doc that's spent the last few years in microgravity.  

Re: Promote your book by naming a character flaw

Azrael, the main character of my story 'New Earth' is given another chance to be who he wants to be, but is too hung up on the past, too fearful of the consequences to enjoy his new chance. In truth he just wants to play jokes, make ridiculous items and hone his skills, but is always afraid that that someone will get hurt, someone will pay a price and that he will lose his way and everything that he's managed to regain.

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