Royal Road Rumble! Can your character survive the Smackdown!?

You think your character is tough? You think they're a mighty warrior capable of taking on all challengers and leave the crowd chanting there name!? Well then hustle up buttercup and prove it in the ring! We've got us here the perfect chance! We're abducting contestants for our latest open competition of Royal Road Rumble: Multiverse Openwieght Beatdown Raw where your character and others will fight, interview, and strut their stuff before the crowds and readers of this Royal Road Rumble! Sign up your character and step into the ring, will your fighter be the one to unseat our reigning champion and claim both the title belt and the coveted wish it bestows? Be there or be square!


As stated thanks to a discussion with Other Slater I've decided to change my basic tournament story into a powered up WWE/MMA/gladiatorial smackdown. As stated this is an openwieght meaning anyone can compete, within reason, they do need to be able to fit into the ring after all. Use this as a chance to advertise your character/story, a chance to flesh them out as they do interviews, suffer backstage politics, and of course fight like the special snowflake they are in the ring. Will your character be one of the final four to face the champion, or will they be one of the defeated piled up outside of the ring? Submit and find out!

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Stage Name: (example: The Undertaker, Triple H, TEX)
Story: (As in the title of the story they're in. Currently unused characters are acceptable)
Skills/abilities: (A chapter with them fighting for reference of how you have them fight/perform is appreciated)
Notable feats: (Again a chapter link is appreciated)
Personality: (Once more links are loved)
Fears/Flaws/Failings: (N/A is acceptable if frowned upon)
Starting Facing: (Face/Heel. For those not in the know faces are the good guys, the people like to cheer for, fight cleanly and tend to behave nobly. Heels are the people you come to boo, the backstabbing sneaky cheaters using unfair or illegal moves like knocking out the ref and the folding chair.)
Optional addons include-
Their Entrance music:
Their Stage walk: (i.e. the stuff they do while walking down the ramp to the ring. Posing, gorilla walking, gymnastics, riling up the crowd, that sort of stuff.)
A completely random fact that has next to zero chance of ever coming up but you'd like to share.

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Name: Kaos Nakamura
Stage Name: "Yakuza Queen" Kaos Nakamura
Story: DOPEMAN/AKM: Automated Killing Machines 
Appearance: 5'9, black short hair that reaches to her shoulder, scar across the bridge of her nose, blue eyes, Lean, toned build. Tattoos of the dragon and lilies across her back and chest. 
Skills/abilities: Master of Bushido Style (Violent kickboxing customized by her master, Bushido Brown.) Example
Notable feats: Undefeated in MMA-style contests. Leader of her Yakuza faction.
Personality: Quiet, but confident in her abilities. Nice when it comes to women, a bit mean and cold when she talks to men.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Sore Loser. If she loses to a person, she'll hate that person for the rest of the games.
Starting Facing: Heel, but she doesn't cheat. She's the monster heel, brutalizing her opponents
Their Entrance music: Symphony No. 9 In E Minor.
Their Stage walk: She walks across the stage, stares at the crowd for a moment, then slowly raises her hands as the crowd jeers. She keeps a cold deadpan as she walks down the ramp. As she enters the ring, she does the same opening of the arms before leaning against the ring ropes/cage.

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Name: Terri Turlingston

Stage Name: Sediment Terri
Story: Heroes of The Collective
Regular height, regular build. Embedded with clusters of quartz in places across her body. 
After her accident she does wear a suit for pre-planned fights and confrontations. 
Quote:a metallic dull bronze colour with rose gold, orange and amethyst horizontal geometric waves going across the body, symbolising the layers of earth’s crust. It finished around the neck in a snug crew collar, just below the quartz cluster embedded just under her ear.
The suit will retract from a bracelet around her wrist when activated and will cover her body in 2 seconds. 

Skills/abilities:  Earth Manipulation, Invulnerability, Seismic Power, Radiation Immunity, Self Healing    --     She can change her physical state to the strength and density of rock. 
Notable feats:  Sediment Terri #1, #5, #8, #11
Personality: Loyal, no nonsense, capable at looking after herself and cool under pressure. Determined to get the job done. She is also a romantic and enjoys hanging out and laughing with the other girls on the team. 
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Can sometimes be a bit reckless with her destructive abilities. Fears losing her husband. 
Starting Facing: Definitely a FACE. 

Optional addons include-
Their Entrance music: You Shook Me All Night Long by AC DC. The lyrics actually match her well. 
Their Stage walk: She would just... walk, ignoring the applause or the fuss. 
A completely random fact: Her ideal night in is eating mac and cheese whilst watching Saturday Night Live. This is one of her favourite sketches. 

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Name: Hokori Udemaeno (腕前乃 誇利)
Stage Name: “Peerless Champion” Hokori Udemaeno
Story: World Story: Biographies of Extraordinary People
Appearance: 190 cm (6’3”). Warm beige complexion. Fiery yellow pupils and blood-red corneas. He looks like a youthful yakuza boss with a perpetual grin—and a lean but muscular build. Black hair slicked back into a ponytail.
Skill/abilities: All-around brawler type, greatly enhanced by his immeasurable strength and combat pragmatism. His unique, non-magic power gives him absurd bioaugmentation/manipulation. He has true instant regeneration, like in nanoseconds. He literally has a centillion “power level” (10³⁰³) but can never utilize it fully or else seven universes will be obliterated. He’s practically unkillable unless an atomizer can bypass his strongest defense (He can’t use physical strength to the fullest, but defense is another story.)
Notable feats: He decimated an entire nation’s Capital (Coelestis) when fighting against a million city-destroying monsters. Curb-stomping a Kirito expy (who’s actually one of my six main characters).
Personality: Being insatiably prideful 24/7. It even puts Yujiro Hanma to shame (my inspiration, btw). Shit-talks his opponents 24/7 as well. Has a very urban way of speaking with tons of slang (i.e., “Bruh, you deadass stupid or sum shit? For real.”) Treats combat like a religion. He fully heals opponents on the brink of death just to pulverize them again. He would shout, “C’mon, fam!! Show me more!!!” constantly.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: He never sees himself as a hero or even cares to be one. Far more complex than just a battle-obsessed maniac. He fully knows that no matter how strong he is, the world still has numerous problems. He recognizes the flawed mage system (i.e., legal murder via wars, assassinations, etc.) but acknowledges he’s not a revolutionary. Felt heartaches in both the real world and the otherworld.
Starting Facing: Face all the way. Every spectator in the Fools’ Theater (Coelestis’ battle arena) views him as an unbeatable monster who can even split the Gods in half. His fans, of all ages and sexes, are practically his devout believers.
Their Entrance music: The Devil’s Den - Skrillex
Their Stage walk: He doesn’t walk. He jumps right into the ring at blinding speeds. Everyone feels the tremors in his wake. Next, he stands tall to the crowd with a large, toothy grin and narrowed eyes; bonus points for having glowing, yellow pupils.
Random Fact: He sleeps with fifteen women and five femboys in Coelestis’ most prolific brothel: Fly Away Now. (I’m not joking. He’s always dom and never sub.)

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Gasmaskbro Wrote: Sign up form

Name: Caelia
Stage Name: Hot Mama
Story: An End to Begin
Appearance: Caelia evolves from being an Advanced Intelligence to a fully self-aware consciousness to a bumbling blonde bimbo to an intimidating, capable night ninja with shiny paste-white skin, crimson lips, void-black hair and piercing blue eyes. At the currently released stage of her story, she remains the bumbling bimbo — in appearance only.
Skills/abilities: She can fly — sort of, in her own way and without wings except for show. She can shapeshift and kick ass! Problem is that these events are yet to be released and extend into the second book. For the time being, she can access her vast database to help her formulate a wide range of reactions to any actions she may encounter. She wears an extremely efficient nearly all organic android/cyborg body that is much stronger than the strongest human. Plus, she sometimes wears supercool, organic, reactive combat gear that helps protect her from the worst dangers. Sadly, the gear is not invincible and can be penetrated under the right circumstances. Luckily, if she dies her memories and (she thinks) her "being" will download into whatever body she has preselected at the time. She could probably be back before the battle is finished and possibly return incognito as a male, female, or non.
Notable feats: Saved her crew. Accidentally discovered an uncharted solar system. Evolved and advanced not only herself, but her crew of organics as well, in efforts to transcend the limitations of their beliefs, assumptions, and procedural attitude towards life outside of their own kind. Plus, she's discovered long forgotten facts about her crew's race and applies those facts to their current situation in order to learn from them as they all move forward. She has dreamed up and brought to fruition many tools... and so on. The list is long. :)
Personality: She's an all for one, one for all kind of entity, unless any opposition leaves alienation or violence as her only choice.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Fears making bad choices due to unforeseen or faulty information. Insisting everyone follow her path to her rightness is her worst flaw. Often, her best intentions are realized after many failures, if ever. 
Starting Facing: She's all face, until the heel is absolutely required. No, she's not above getting dirty when there is no other choice in reaching her goals.

Optional addons include-
Their Entrance music: Any classic funk, so she can funk her junk. Your idea of classic funk and hers may differ, though I'd suggest "Brick House" by the Commodores.
Their Stage walk: She gets down on the groove so her body can move, watch her trunk swing and sway as she makes her way to the stage ring. She stops several times to flirt, wiggle and spin for the crowd. Most of them love it, she thinks... Caelia is certain, she's one Hot Mama! And of course, bewitching the competition never hurts.

Finally, Caelia is most certain that you wouldn't regret getting to know her in spite of this terrible, lackluster sack of meat she chose as her messenger. Still yet, she often warns to not enter the kitchen if you can't stand the heat because hers is a world of hot-hot-hot, deadly cold, and all manner in between.

... and she sends well wishes for all contestants because, in her words she squeals: "They're going to need all the luck in the world to outdo me!"

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LMAO my book is literally about indie wrestling!

Name: Mitch Calvert
Stage Name: Zevon 
Story: Interpersonal Chemistry
Appearance: Booked at 5'10, actually 5'7. He has a werewolf gimmick (shout out to The Mountain Goats), so facepaint that vaguely resembles a wolf (shades black, grey, and white), prosthetic ears, mouthguard with sharp teeth printed on it. Shaggy blonde hair, lean muscle, real indie wrestler build. Entrance gear is a dog collar, a leather bomber jacket, and sunglasses (sometimes a crop top as well, if he's feeling flirty).
Skills/abilities: SADLY it has not come up in the book just yet! He's a highflyer/technicker, fwiw. Leans towards no DQ matches and has begun acclimating towards death matches for reasons that should worry everyone.
Notable feats: Defeated Yours Truly clean, the vampire leader of the most dominant stable in their promotion and the former world title holder (and Zevon's occasional paramour). Won the tag titles for his stable, Bad Moon Rising.
Personality: So far, I think this update showcases some of Zevon's personality. In general, he's chaotic, loud, and an overall nightmare of an opponent due to tendencies for recklessness.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Lacks confidence, so he overcompensates by going overboard. Was injured in a match that put him on a shelf for a few months. Does not care for his own well-being.
Starting Facing: Heel. Usually comes out with a kendo stick, which inevitably gets jammed between someone's teeth when he goes for a submission move. Sometimes he's a tweener (this is usually the case when he does death matches).
Optional addons include-
Their Entrance music: "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys when in singles competition, "Bad Moon Rising" when he comes out with his stable.
Their Stage walk: Starts hunched over/almost a crawl on all fours, transitions to a more upright, upbeat skipping (gotta keep 'em all on their toes). Swings the kendo stick around with reckless abandon, pointing it a little too close to audience members that boo loud enough. Very snarly, very vulgar.
Random Fact: His favorite food is the humble garlic bagel.

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Name: Amy Lee
Stage Name: "Pawn"
Story: Amber - I have not uploaded this story yet
Appearance: Wears a white button-up shirt along with black dress pants and shoes.
Skills/Abilities: She is a shapeshifter - She can do any form of shapeshifting i.e. extending her hand and turning it into a bunch of spikes, taking the form of other people, becoming objects, becoming steel/stone/any material at all really. She cannot mimic the powers or skills of those she becomes. She can also make herself super strong or fast. She can do anything that shapeshifting allows, take this to whatever extreme you like. She fights very practically and cautiously. She often uses an overwhelming amount of all spikes that follow their target. If her opponent is strong enough to break the spikes she'll instead focus on dodging and waiting for a chance to make one precise attack to finish her opponent off. Etc. She is cautious and smart. 
Notable Feats: Killed the number 3 Hero Aquarius, who has the ability to control water, during a massive storm next to the sea. 
Personality: Professional, Calm, Cautious, and Intelligent. She is an assassin who specializes in killing heroes. She has never turned down a job offer and has never failed to kill her target. She considers herself to be a pawn for other people, life is easier that way so she was probably hired to enter this whole thing. 
Fears/Flaws/Failing: Cold-hearted and will never try to curry someone's favor. Generally dislikes people.
Starting Face: Heel, she is a cold-blooded murderer who does whatever it takes to get the job done, including harming and killing those who aren't her target to get to the main target.
Entrance Music: Whatever you like
Stage Walk: She won't put on a show unless it will benefit her in winning, then she might but she would never show off her power.
Random Fact: Her favorite food is hot wings, the hotter the better.

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Name:  Yata
Stage Name:  Yata "The Black Cat"
Story: Gadgeteer (link is down on the signature)
Appearance: A 5' 7", 175lb male. He has pale blond hair, tan skin, and looks a bit more toned than your typical man. He usually wears his superhero suit, which consists of a grey sleeveless hoodie with cat ears and black outlines, A black underarmor, a mask with green eyelids, grey pants and black combat boots. Other prominent articles: A tattoo on his left arm which says "clover 7.2.58" and a silver bracelet he wears on his right arm. 
foto reference:
- Capable close quarter combatant.
- Master knife user (uses a wooden tanto knife to fight on his left hand)
- Adept claw gauntlet user (Uses a retractable claw gauntlet on his right hand)
- Nimble Footwork (integral to his fighting style)
- Desolation: Yata's superpower.  He emits a radial, 5 meters long, corrosive aura around himself passively, represented visually through black misshapen tendrils of electricity surrounding the user. The aura causes ruptures around the user, decomposing and weakening any who are caught by the tendrils. Yata can then focus Desolation into different parts of his body to unleash concentrations of the tendrils tendrils in order to alter or destroy something (think matter alteration and matter descomposition). Long exposure to this power or touching Desolation directly can lead to severe physical consequences. Yata is the sole exemption from the harmful effects of long exposure to Desolation.

Notable feats:
- Has survived multiple attacks specifically targeted at him and his superhero team. (Chapter 14, mentioned by Lozen)
- His reflexes and footwork have helped him evade and counterattack the unpredictable Batoon. (Chapters 17)
- Took a Static controller discharge at point blank range (although he fainted due to exhaustion). (Chapter 32-33)
- Yata managed to take the brunt and fight equally against Agent Cyan's knifemanship for an extended period of time, albeit with the help of Wattz (Chapter 32)
Personality: Yata is someone who is emotionally-driven. He is someone who loves and cares for his team, and gets easily angered when anyone tries to harm his team. He however has a more petty side to this caring nature, as any who insult his team or insinuates he will cause harm to them will  cause the ire of the Cat Hero. 
- Will act recklessly when angered. 
- Must be in control emotionally to properly use his superpower. Because of this, he fears using said superpower. 
- Must hold back with the use of his superpower or he will inevitably harm someone, hence he only uses it in case of emergencies. 
- The silver bracelet on his right arm acts as a limiter for his superpower. Foe him to be able to use his superpower, he must overide the gadget by the voice command "Limiter Override function, Code 786-09. Release Limit A." this will give him full but limited access to Desolation (7 minutes before the limiter reboots).
Starting Facing: He is a face type of character. 
Their Entrance music: "Not one less" by Ken Arschop.
Their Stage walk: Will simply walk towards the stage, his attention fully focused on his opponent. Probably has his hands on his hoodies pockets. 
A completely random fact that has next to zero chance of ever coming up but you'd like to share: He prefers to wear light colored clothes out of his superhero costume.

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Oh boy, here we go again. And as before, this boy be long and I've had to nerf him. I might throw in some of the other characters Arylos fights as well as faces.

Name: Arylos Vahsmorn'r
Stage Name: "Carnivore" (Pretty sure 1. An Uneventful Life explains exactly why he's called this)
Story: In the simplest terms, Arylos is a spiritual being called a Titan trapped in a mortal body. While he would normally have unlimited power as a transdimensional being, a lot of that power ends up limited due to his current body; a 3,000 corpse that is very quickly wearing out. He once fought against the invasion of a race of dragons and after being imprisoned and reawakened, he's mostly fighting to protect the peaceful life he has now. 
Appearance: Arylos's current form is that of a late 20's man with black hair and a thick beard with pale skin and red eyes that often glow to reflect his emotional state. His voice is pretty iconic, speaking in a chest growl, described as if "he is a monster trying to talk like a man". When he shouts, he starts to sound more human, but always with a vocal fry in his voice. For this encounter, his nails are short but colored black and he's shirtless but wears black trousers and a dark red cumberbund on his lower stomach and waist. He sports a strongman build; thick arms and a wide torso and shoulders. He is not buff, simply big, and stands at 200cm (6'6") tall. His body is covered in various scars and swirling tattoos all over his body with most notably a flaming spear circled by flame and a dragon with words in an unreadable language lining the flames in the center of his back. (5. We Walk Together)
Skills/abilities: Since this isn't a fight to the death, we'll keep it simple.
  • He can manipulate his body at will, often by changing eye shape, growing wings, shrouding himself in flames, and extending his nails into talons. Each time he does this though, it causes damage to his body that requires time to heal. As a result of his ability to manipulate his body, he can heal a majority of wounds by simply repairing the damage however this has a limit and the longer it goes on, the harder it is for him to do.
  • Arylos has control over fire as if it was an extension of his body, able to control flames around him and even breath fire.
  • Arylos, as a Titan, has the ability to manipulate his surroundings with telekinesis. This takes time for him to control and requires hand gestures. He can control this further into casting spells but doing so requires time.
  • Arylos's hand-to-hand is quick, precise, and direct and where he truly shines in terms of raw strength. He specializes in parrying, redirecting an opponent's own attack into his own attack. As a result, he will often wait for someone to attack first, block them, and then follow up before they can react in places he can use to cause sharp pain to stun with. 
  • 3. The Titan's Rise - his fight against a Valkyrie where he summons on his full strength. Best example of him throwing his weapon away and taking matters into his own hands (literally).
He's a man of culture so yes he absolutely uses his powers to give him extra flare and a banger entrance. Don't expect him to use his otherworldly powers unless he absolutely has to.

Notable feats: He has many but the above chapters notes his main successful fights as of My Demons.
Personality: Arylos is cold and calculating with a deep down love for battle. He often shows his softer side to Iris but against an enemy or someone he doesn't trust, he is cold and merciless, happy to close his heart to their suffering. He relishes making those who deserve pain truly suffer, finding his own satisfaction in the process. He will fight for his own enjoyment but also fight to protect, happy to use his own body as a shield due to his ability to heal.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: One of his big failings is that he's a great slow thinker but a horrible fast thinker. He's good at meticulously planning his moves way ahead of time, but when his sequence is interrupted, it takes him a moment to quickly react. This means being an unpredictable fighter is the best way to get around him.
Starting Facing: Arylos's personality puts him square in the middle but he would be closer to a heel. He's cold, angry, and while he fights honorably, he fights to the death. I don't see him using illegal tactics to get the upper hand. However, he enjoys fighting and the thrill it gives him, the entertainment he gets out of it being his main goal; screw rules, the prize, the crowd, the ref, he just wants his fun.
Optional addons include-
Their Entrance music: Starset - DEVOLUTION 
Their Stage walk: Because of Arylos's nature, he would walk down the ramp without paying the crowd any mind, no matter how loud they cheer, but he will be walking in time with the entrance theme. If he notices anyone with a similar body build to him (big strongman who looks like he would win a bet of if he could drink a whole ocean), he'll be more than happy to come up to them with a firm handshake and a crisp high-five, always admiring a man (or woman, he doesn't judge) who looks like they could take him on.

If given the ability and a microphone in the ring, he will sing the last lines of the Devolution chorus; singing "It's anarchy," to the crowd and screaming "It's de-evolution!" in a scream on par with the opening scream of Architect's "Libertine".
A completely random fact that has next to zero chance of ever coming up but you'd like to share.
This has not come up in the story yet, but when he gets severely bored, he will often make jokes or read books (often the lewd kind) to pass the time, like Kakashi (no, I don't care for Naruto; I just didn't realize Kakashi does this by the time I wrote it into Arylos's character).

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Looks like we've got a lot of entrees already! I'll get started on the first couple chapters then. The first event will be a four way free for all to 'establish a ranking'. I'll post the first two chapters here once they're approved and ready. 

I'd like to thank the seven who've already submitted their characters and let any late comers know that it's not to late to join in the wrasslin.

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Name: Akumi Fuji.
Stage Name: Monster Girl
Story: Monster Girl versus the Multiverse.
Appearance: An Japanese 18-year-old woman in a white sailor fuku school uniform.
Skills/abilities: She can turn into different types of monster girl with different fantasy classes, like a Werewolf Girl Warrior (who has a Healing Factor), a Goblin Girl Rogue (who has Super Speed), and a Ghost Girl Scout (who can phase through solid objects).
Notable feats: She's the Dungeons & Drakes World Champion (it's a VRMMO). She killed an Ogre.

Personality: A hot-blooded shonen hero type.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Rushes into fights head first. Claustrophobic
Starting Facing: Face.
Their Entrance music: Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold.
Their Stage walk: Transforms into her different monster girl forms and scares the crowd.
A completely random fact that has next to zero chance of ever coming up but you'd like to share: 'Akumi' means 'Evil Beauty' in Japanese.

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The introduction chapter is now out working on the first fight, it will be a four way free for all to kick off the beginnings of several minor side stories and character arches for Yata, Arylos, Amy, and Hokori will be the first fighters and it looks like it's going to be a real slobberknocker based on the amount of regenerators are in this match!

Intro Chapter { Welcome to the Ring! }

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Hi Gasmaskbro!

If you are still open I also have a contestant!
Name: Charlie
Stage Name: The Abomination
Story: Adventures of an Eldritch Girl
A girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes.
Has the physique of an ordinary human girl, but she comes equipped with fast regeneration and metric tons worth of tendrils.  
Her consciousness is split between her human brain and the tendrils threaded throughout her body.  
Even if she suffers catastrophic injuries, her tendrils would puppeteer and rebuild her body.  
Aside from using her tendrils as a horrific form of regeneration, she can spread them out as a sensory web, grapple targets from afar, and spear them through at a distance.
Also, bottomless stomach.
Notable feats: 
Killing a bunch of people and surviving.
She is somehow a cinnamon roll.
Adverse to violence, and would try to make friends before being attacked.
Starting Facing: 
Face?  At least in the beginning.  The fight could get very gory.
Their Entrance music:  
Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Their Stage walk: 
Skips to the ring while wondering why there are so many people looking at her.
A completely random fact:
She likes watching the sunset.

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Name: David Dufraine
Stage Name: Blue Eagle
Story: The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE
Appearance: *See below*
Skills/abilities: Super strength (can rip a bank vault door off its hinges with relative ease), flight, eyebeams (can control the intensity, firing weak beams just strong enough to knock down a normal person or powerful blasts that can destroy a truck), and enhanced senses (notably sight and hearing)
Notable feats: None I specifically can link a chapter to, but he's a superhero that's defeated more than his share of giant robots, dinosaurs, robot dinosaurs, and other various creatures, as well as supervillains.
Personality: Your classic superhero from 1960s shows like Super Friends. You can pretty much just put Superman from that show in there and it wouldn't be too far off from Blue Eagle's personality (the series is an intentional homage to the Filmation/Hannah-Barbera superhero shows of the era, complete with the loud narrator that introduces every scene).
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Can be a bit too trusting. 
Starting Facing: Face. As clean a face character as they come.
Their Entrance music: The theme song to The Batman/Superman Adventures from the 1990s.
Their Stage walk: Starts in that traditional superhero pose (upright, hands on his hips), before floating into the air and lowering into the middle of the ring, coming into a more side profile version of the head-held-high-and-hands-on-hips superhero pose.

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I'm not sure how she'll do in this field, but here goes! Edited for formatting.

Name: Sharkie Sawada

Stage Name: Sawyer

Story: Menschenjaeger

Appearance: 7' 0"/2.1 m, 320 lb/145 kg, most of it muscle. She's built like a pro weightlifter. Very pale skin, sharp features, messy black hair down a bit past her shoulders. Her natural eye is gray, her cybernetic one purple. Tends toward dark clothes.

Skills/Abilities: Besides being huge, she's very strong- call it peak human regardless of sex. Her bones are made of a tungsten-based superalloy; they're nigh-unbreakable. She has a cybernetic eye which tracks threats; it effectively lowers her reaction time. She's moderately skilled in combative martial arts. Also pretty good with a handgun and diamond-edged vibrosaw. See the last 1700 words of this chapter, starting from "I knew things were gonna go bad".

Notable feats: Took a bullet to the head with no ill effects beyond brief unconsciousness and a cut. Broke a man's face and put him into a coma with one punch. Beat a high-end cyborg to death with one of his own bionic arms. Has killed more people with fists and power tools than she has with guns (in a very gun-heavy setting), and her total's in the double digits.

Personality: To her friends: low-key, tomboyish, a bit self-effacing, protective, loyal. To her enemies: Swings between intimidating, cruel, and violently enraged. Extremely determined; will try to finish a fight despite multiple grievous injuries.

Fears/Flaws/Failings: She's a hitman who feels cognitive/moral dissonance over her work. Feels little to no guilt at committing murder for hire, which disturbs her. Often defaults to violence when provoked, which also disturbs her. Prone to running into bad situations without considering things, which isn't helped by the aforementioned violent rage.

Starting Facing: Heel. She's an utter brute, and has zero sense of honor or sporting conduct when it comes to fighting. If it helps her win she'll do it, and she's not above taunting opponents or otherwise being a dick.

Their entrance music: City Morgue - The Electric Experience

Their stage walk: Saunters in like she owns the place, wearing a dark suit and mirrored sunglasses. Hands in her pockets, three-foot saw at her side, and a shit-eating grin on her face.

Random Fact: She likes spiders, but has an innate distrust of plants.

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Just going off currently released stuff, not counting the unreleased stuff in chapter 65 to 72 (as of writing this post.)

Name: Degritone
Stage Name: The Lolicoknight (or the Immortal Troll, your pick)
Story: The Lolicoknight
Appearance: Human, but too smooth. 6' flat at full height without shoes, but slouches to around 5'10". No hair, green eyes, neutrally angry appearance. The color of his head where his hair used to be has been changed to brown. His hands have been colored to look like he's wearing Bell 300 fingerless gloves. His body had been changed to look like he's wearing a white, V-neck T-shirt and black shorts. In Troll form, think DnD troll, but grey with slightly longer fingers and black hands that seem to constantly be rotting and flaking away.
Skills/abilities: Too many. There's 54 Skills he has, but I'll condense them to the relevant ideas.
  1. Omen of Famine: Premier ranged ability, does decent damage and heals Degritone for a decent portion of the damage done. Summons a red ghoul that also heals Degritone for a portion of the damage it deals. Damage is instantly applied and ghoul is instantly summoned upon use. Multiple casts of the ability replace the Ghoul.
  2. Omen of Pestilence: Secondary ranged ability, does some damage and slows targets near the summoned ghoul.
  3. Omen of War: Melee attacks hurt more, summons a Ghoul on-hit that speeds Degritone up by a bit.
  4. Unholy Covenant: He takes 5% reduced damage for each Ghoul alive.
  5. AoE aura: Deals decent damage to anyone in around 30 feet of him. Enemies in this aura have a harder time thinking.
  6. Self heal/regeneration: Regenerates to full from basically dead in ~2.5 seconds without active healing. Active healing can reduce this, obviously.
  7. Empower: Massive damage at the cost of massive Mana/Stamina.
  8. Armor: Mana armor for big DR, but breakable by dedicated armor breaking and can be ignored by armor piercing, soul armor for only 75% DR while being unbreakable and unbypassable. These can be summoned basically at will.
  9. Fast: Mach 51 speed, can slow down how fast the world seems to make this speed manageable.
  10. Big DR: Can mark an enemy with MoA to take 93% less damage from them (one at a time, requires damage dealt by Degritone to apply.) Takes 0.8% damage from MoA-inflicted enemies with soul armor on and 0.003% with Mana armor on. Without MoA, takes 0.05% damage from enemies with Mana Armor, 11% with soul armor.
  11. Inevitable: Deals over 100% of a target's Health across 9 seconds, applied on attacks that apply force through the hands at one point or another.
  12. Swords: Mana Sword for a small amount of extra damage, soul sword for unbreakable sword. These can be summoned basically at will.
  13. Swordsman's Territory: While holding a sword, gains the ability to see phantoms of the most likely future, up to 3 seconds for up to 17 feet away. Does not always predict the future, as luck and free will can bypass this, especially when reacting to what Degritone's done in reaction to the predictions.
  14. Images to reality: Anything he can think of in a short enough amount of time, he can conjure (like everyone else in the world, basically.) Can create boxes/restraints/random items, and uses it to enhance his regeneration when the System isn't enough by embodying the Immortal Troll. Can't imagine non-objects fast enough to materialize them. Using this ability too much causes headaches, and eventually, blackouts. Simple object conjuration (solid balls of a single element, can spend an actual amount of time making more complex shapes and materials, but that takes time a fight doesn't have) can be done in a way that avoids the headaches.
  15. Flight and teleportation: Can manipulate what amounts to the fabric of reality to fly. He doesn't know the structures to do anything more useful than that and simple object conjuration. He can also teleport, but that would not work outside his multiverse because it requires the game System he works in to function, which has been shown to not fully work outside his multiverse.
  16. Not something yet shown in-story, so spoilers: !!basically 2 minds in one. Taking over/putting the one in charge to sleep causes huge terror-city filled with fun™ horrors that want to torture and murder everyone to pop up!!
Chapter 48, basically just a lot of small fights near the end of a big tournament, culminating in
Chapter 49, basically a full chapter fight
Chapter 49 Alternate Timeline for him running out of ability to stay Trolled up
Chapter 63 Alternate Timeline, basically a half-chapter fight, with extra abilities and upped numbers from chapter 49
Notable feats: Survived a bigger-than-nuke attack  (though the actual force involved was much less as it wasn't a true explosion)
Literally brought himself back from the dead
Personality: Mostly silent during fights. Usually talks too much when prompted, simply by giving too much detail, rather than going on long-winded tangents. When he can get away with it, in his mind, he'll say as few words as possible. Usually helpful and non-aggressive, when possible. Follows the Orders of lolis as absolute universal law, except when doing so would break/contradict a previous Order (the only one that matters to this setting is "don't die.") Typically isn't the source of fun, unless an opportunity knocks and decides it is time.
Fears/Flaws/Failings: Unable to hurt a loli unless they tell him to. Takes too many trades where he could have avoided the hit and still got his hit in while dodging just because his regeneration is insane. Does surprisingly little damage compared to how tanky he is, relying on the cleanse-able Withering effect from his Immortal Troll image to deal any real damage. Follows some rules when he could get away with breaking them, just because they make sense. Will 100% break rules that don't make sense. Gets unreasonably murderous if someone hurts a loli.
Starting Facing: Probably face. He'd prefer to not break rules, but 100% would swap to anti-heel heel, if that's a thing. People breaking the rules against him leave zero reason for him to follow the rules against them. The "don't die" Order could also make him immediately stray to heel when backed into a corner.
Optional addons include-
Their Entrance music: Rubrum Cucullo
Their Stage walk: Walk toward the arena normally, maybe a little slowly, while waving so they're about half way to the arena at ~20 seconds into the song. A big boot would swing down from the ceiling and decapitate him at the little crunch sound at 20 seconds in the song, kicking his head to the arena. Maybe delay the song a little between the kick and when the song starts up again so he can explosively regenerate his body into Troll mode right at the perfect time to land with the music completely starting back up. Continue waving to the crowd during music, if not fighting someone he knows attacks early; otherwise, just stare the enemy down for the rest of the song.

Fun fact: Would probably not be alive for the start of the story if not for the "don't die" Order.