Pseudo-Hiatus Blues

I've been uploading on a fairly regular schedule this past while, and so far I've managed to do 50 chapters without much interruption.  However, due to some bereavement in my family, it's taken me a month just to write another chapter, forcing me into something of a hiatus.  Does anybody have any good advice on how to get back into the swing of things, because I really don't want to disappoint what few readers I have.

Re: Pseudo-Hiatus Blues

I mean, to be honest, I would focus more on getting over the emotional stuff before jumping back into writing.

I know that how some people cope. However, personally for me, forcing myself to write didn't feel right. It just made for subpar writing and was actually discouraging than helpful. My heart wasn't there. And it was easier to just finish what I already had scheduled and go on, essentially radio silence.

After my dad died, it was a struggle for me to write. I might've been working on a couple of paragraphs a day when drafting. Posting anything was out of the question. I
didn't have the mental space for writing. My creative center of my brain wasn't functioning at that point.

I started wanting to work on my story when I started to want to work on my story. I was tired of not having progress and hunkered down and finished my draft.

Re: Pseudo-Hiatus Blues

Same boat
I'm trying to tempt myself back with the fun stuff I had planned for the future and the fact that I had no intentions of being a quitter and in my case, the family member who decided to sabotage things would be winning if I quit for real. 

Maybe do work on another project if it comes easier for you, stretch the muscle, remind yourself you can still do this. I have no experience with royal road and hiatuses, but I've taken nearly a year off other places and still had readers + gained a bunch back when I finally got back to it. I'm not sure it's the death sentence everyone thinks it is.

Re: Pseudo-Hiatus Blues

Same here. My Dad passed away December and I've struggled getting back to pace with my writing goals.

Things I can do that helped me so far:
   Rereading to keep a consistent tone
   Writing something creative and with plot every day
   Focus on trajectory not goals

Better each day than the day before is a realistic expectation. That is how I found the best way to answer the question of balancing recovery and progress.

It took me weeks to post a follow up chapter gradually it's picked up speed again. I'm at twice a week on my way to every other day. Small, almost insignificant, steps of progress every day add up. Best of luck.

Re: Pseudo-Hiatus Blues

Nice to see such compassionate response from many here. 

LJ Wrote: I mean, to be honest, I would focus more on getting over the emotional stuff before jumping back into writing.
I think I agree with LJ here... there is a time that things click back in. The thing inside that wants to create will return. It stirs itself - remember, it wasn't a study habit that got your muse active, it was your muse. 

Sometimes we must let time pass. Loss changes parts of us. They need to all assimilate to the new you, maybe.

Lastly, if I were being stirred enough to "get back to it" but didn't feel good or effective on THAT work I was on, then que up the NEXT great idea, and start clicking away. 

Getting away from that creative place when the loss occurred might want to be stimulated BACK into session just by getting in the ripping frenzy of another good work.

A thought.

My condolences. To many here. I have lost a good number of people in my life. You all have my sympathies.