Has anyone written a novel that reads more like a comic book?

I can't say I have, and well, maybe it's time I change that.
After many tries at writing my story, I find myself trying to emulate writers based on the most common suggestions.
My most recent drafts (not shown on this website) have emulated either Tolkien (still a gold standard by some folks) Rowling (despite my distaste for her as a human being) and RJ Barker (the bone ships is a common suggestion on other places I go to for writing advice)
And yet... none still fit.
Perhaps my issue is that instead of turning to other novel writers for inspiration, maybe I should go down a route I am more familiar with:
Comic books.

I know it's a rather odd choice, but since my story has a superhero theme, perhaps I should try to emulate them.
I mean, it's a writing style I am more used to.
After all, one of my favorite writers outside novels was Stan Lee, I was never an avid comic reader, but he used to narrate the numerous Marvel cartoons I grew up on as a kid.
After all, Saturday morning cartoons had a big impact on me, far more than books as a child.
And my goal with my story is to fill my reader with those feelings of eagerly getting up on Saturday mornings to watch Power Rangers.
The thing is, the novel writers I bumped into on the net suggested that the best way to write a novel is to read other novels.
To learn proper novel writing structure and take lessons from what I learned.
And I did, I have done far more reading over the last few months then I have written.
Fact is I have made little progress as for each new novel people recommended I get caught up in it then try to apply it to my own writing.
But all I have done is spin my wheels, in an attempt to both emulate what I read while also trying to come up with my own voice.
It's just not working out, I have read books like the Bone ships and the expanse and other more contemporary works such as John Green and the hunger games.
I feel stuck deep in a mine without an exit.

This is the main reason why maybe I should format my story in a form I am more comfortable with, I have tried so hard to be a "professional" but it just seems like I am making zero progress.
I know in the novel writing world, comics are probably at the bottom of the barrel.
But hey perhaps I can live with that if it makes me happier as a writer.
I think thats my biggest issue, my writing is no longer fun.
I want to create something more casual and fun, this "professionalism" approach has made my writing dry and stale.

Re: Has anyone written a novel that reads more like a comic book?

Well it's not like my story is 100% superhero themed, it's more like 78%.
It goes beyond the premise of say "never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way."
The heroes will have character arcs beyond "saving the day from evil" and
the villains having motivations beyond "mwahaha take over the world!"
Oh sure, I have maybe one villain with world domination plans, but that doesn't mean said villain cant have their own nuances.
Like instead of taking over the world in the name of evil, they feel that the world is sick, and only they can cure it.
Yes, I am aware of the over saturation of comic based stories, but my story isn't based on pre-existing IP's.
It's my own world with its own settings and themes, the superhero stuff is more there as a friendly handshake then its staple pin.
I do feel my story is different enough to stand on its own, sure it uses tropes from the superhero genre, but I use them to for strength not weaknesses.

Re: Has anyone written a novel that reads more like a comic book?

I think I passed by your story before. I think you have another thread asking for help? Anyway, it's the paragraphing that's the main thing you should address. You don't even need to read like Tolkien or whatever novels there are out there, first practice organizing your sentences into paragraphs. Your thread shows this problem already. Every sentence you have is a new line instead of organized into paragraphs. 

Of course, you can write a novel with comic book vibes, BUT you have to follow paragraphing rules. If what you mean by writing "more like a comic book" is this every sentence is a new line then definitely not. It's not a writing style issue, it's a composition issue. Just start on the paragraphing and move on from there. I think your problem is getting muddled by people giving random advice. This issue problem of writing everything as a new line affects your dialogue as well (I think I pointed it out before if that was you.)

Re: Has anyone written a novel that reads more like a comic book?

I don't really think there is a major difference between novels and comics, outside of the visual differences.  Some people find novels are cluttered with too many words that can be simplified by pictures, so they make them into comics.  Instead of saying "tom said this" they just have a picture of a speech bubble with an arrow pointing at a picture of Tom.  And instead of describing tom's reactions, they just show a picture of Tom reacting.  So I don't really think there's a "comic book style" for writing novels...  

Maybe you are thinking of using well-known comic book cliche's instead?  ie, when Batman punches a villain, a large "WHAM!" sound effect is written.