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If you have the time an honest point by point review would be appreciated. The Wolf Saga is a fantasy adventure focused on character development rather than action. That does not mean it doesn't have any action, but rather that it's secondary. If you're not interested in such stories please ignore.

Have a nice day and thanks for giving it a thought!

Re: Drop your story here and I will leave a quick review

I'll gladly accept your offer, kind stranger. 

Story Name: The Silver Path
Story Genres:  Low Fantasy/Progression Fantasy, Action.
Story Tags: Multiple MCs, Transmigration, Parallel Worlds, Hard Magic System (based on psionic powers)
Number of Chapters: 151 currently (Arc 1 and a few chapters).
Known issues with the story: The Silver Path has a slow start. It takes a long time to set up the basic building blocks of the world. Has a 60 chapter tutorial phase of sorts. Still, there are a lot of good moments sprinkled within which those chapters highlights its future potential. 

Give it a shot, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I eagerly await your words, kind stranger.

Re: Drop your Scifi story here and I will leave a quick review

Space Wrote: Easy one! 
I was already following it  DrakanGlasses

I love your art, by the way. I will print Icarus portrait and hang him near my Kitty covers.
Hell! I even want to add him as a character in The Future That Never Was for a discreet shout out.
yeah he’s my favourite character too. I always have fun writing his sections.

If you do any of those things you’d make my month. I do love a good undercover shoutout.