Confused with page numbers?

Hello, I am a little confused.
I gave read to two stories lately (The natural, an pokémon story which just released and a skeleton story that is 5+ years old and received monthly updates, which I forgot the name of)
Point is, both those stories have about 1200 pages.
Let's establish that a page is 275 words.
I read between 15-50 pages per hour, usually, and in the case of those books too, I have read about 25 pages per hour (I read between 7-10 hours in a day).
My issue stems from the fact that I read for a day and already surpassed the midway point in the story, as fast as I read I am unwilling to believe I read 600 pages in a day, what is this sorcery?
It just doesn't make sense to me, who just finished a 500 word story in like 3 days, to suddenly read so fast, I know that I am not.
Is royal road somehow counting the pages from chapters not yet released?
I am super confused.

Re: Confused with page numbers?

Without links to the specific stories in question, I couldn't say whether it's something with the chapter lengths being unequal or if you genuinely got sucked in to the stories so thoroughly that you just read much faster than normal.

I can say for sure that RR only counts published words. I have around 50k of scheduled drafts for my one story, and they do not show up as wordcount until they go live, so it isn't that.

Re: Confused with page numbers?


Crop Wrote: Let's establish that a page is 275 words.
I did notice during my magazine entry that RR counted an extra word or two here and there, not sure where it got the words that google docs missed. It is possible over 1,200 pages that it has added a couple of hundred words at that point.

Though as for words, that is correct for RR but a lot of stories do have images and the like, not sure if those that you read did, and they can speed up the reading process at points. There are also no "pages" to flip through, so your reading isn't broken up except for chapters.