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In my Bite Mark series, three of the characters have a brief conversation about a TV series they watch... called Heroes of The Collective. They're completely unrelated universes and characters and in volume 3 of HoTC I'm going to reference Bite Mark as a film franchise haha! 

Quote:“What were you watching?” Henry asked, trying to rescue the conversation.

“Oh a bit of this, bit of that. I’ve just started watching that Heroes of The Collective series on Danum Plus,” Lana answered.

“Oh really, Mark said he didn’t like the look of that.”

“No, I didn’t! I was just thinking the other day that I might just give it a go,” Mark argued, blushing.

“I’m pretty certain you said that the only people who watch that are-”

“No no no no, la la la la la he’s lying Lana. Shut up Henry!"

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Ive had a character use the name Darla Darling in a fantasy story as an alias, and "My Darling Darla Darling - Domestic House Cat" is a TV show in a sci-fi setting. 

In a side story I had a side-character go on a quest, but if you look up the first letter in each of the chapter title it spells out "DEATH". 

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I have been writing seriously only 20 months or so, and content-wise that has not been available before my last that I am posting here, "Jep".

It's an ironic, day-in-the-life kind of thing about a curious man with a curious faith and filled with cultural "observations" and moral metaphors - and in one scene in particular, I have two conspirators to murder, very dimly arguing about Q-Anon-like interpretations on freedom, on the Bilderberger Group, that sort of stuff, like ANY of them are real.

Sort of lost in this loop of ridiculous. 

That one was fun.

From the Editor: (Now, please, any who "believe" in Q, that's your business, like it is mine to write something funny about it. I heartily thank you.) 

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I have a name that I use in a lot of my writing. The name Amadi is a Yoruba name that means "Destined to die at birth." It's only a literal name in one of my projects, but the character is featured in other projects and the name is more comical than serious considering none of the other characters are ever actually born. In the cyberpunk novel I'm working on it's the name of the main character's personal AI. 

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bulgariansumo Wrote:
Quote:"Moon dome!" Leon breathed.
This comes from when one of my friends decided to run this chapter through Google Translate in a bunch of languages before translating it back to English. One of the passages made it sound like the MC had lost his marbles, and it's become a joke ever since. I drew some messy sketches of it.
I think "Welcome, drink" is my favourite one XD

(also love the sketches btw XD)