The Zombie Apocalypse happened and I'm stuck up here in space.

Doctor Zolnikov has spent the last seven years isolated in his orbital lab while watching the Earth below descend into chaos.  A biological virus and a nanite programming virus combined to create flesh eating abominations that hunt all other living things for food but have a special desire for human flesh.  Human civilization fell in a matter of weeks.  He hasn't seen evidence of human survivors in years.  As far as he knows he is the last living human being in the solar system.

Then the power begins to fail on the space station he's called home for over a decade.  Stepping outside the lab will be risky.  But remaining means certain death.

The good doctor is a curious man, however, even in the fading days of mankind.  If he manages to survive, who knows what secrets he will discover?

Dr. Z's Zombie Apocalypse features zombies!  Of course.  In space!  But you already know that.  Will he run?  Will he fight?  Will he ever eat anything other than meal bars and nutrient paste?  Find out as he sets out into the unknown.

Chapter updates 5x/week until caught up with the current story (sitting at 28,000 words and 12 chapters as of this writing).

Re: The Zombie Apocalypse happened and I'm stuck up here in space.

I like to think the crappy food is rather unique.  But yeah.  No magic, just sci-fi science.  Nanites, stasis technology, field theory, gravitics and suchlike.  Earth is dead.  Well, Earth humans are dead.  Dr. Z. has no plucky companions to quip to, so far.  Maybe he should get a pet.  The space station isn't on the moon, it's in LEO.  The doc isn't military in the slightest, just a moderately fit scientific researcher.  Never fired a gun before in his life.  

We both have zombies in space, though.  Matching undead (usually a fantasty trope) with sci fi is an interesting exercise- it's been done before, but rarely.  Dead Space being a notable exception, of course.  You've got a bunch of other sublpots threaded through your story, I'm sure, as I do mine.  Dr. Z constantly questions things, so the sub plots start spawning pretty quickly in mine, but the payoff is delayed.  The current chapter I'm writing (13) steepens the difficulty ramp and sets up the foundation for Act II and the rising action/tension stage.  

I'm not worried in the least, even if we had precisely the same premise.  People re-use plot ideas *all* the time.  That's a good thing, because if we couldn't then everything new would be crap because a lot of the ideas that are unusual are so because they're crap.  Stuff like lying to the reader (not keeping your writing promises), or cheesing the main boss after a long tension-rising setup.  Having similar ideas means people who read my stuff might be interested in yours, because similar subject matter and premise.  And vice versa.  

More stories is a good thing.  The success of other authors does not hinder my own personal potential, nor yours.  There's no way in Heaven either of us could slake the thirst that readers have for good stories.  Write often!