Disney D&D

So, I'm writing up a campaign for my dnd group where they'll all be playing as disney princesses. Because why not.
So far I've got ideas for taking them through Neverland, Agrabah, and a Wonderland where everyone is dragons.  Lion King is, of course, a kingdom ruled by Leonins. And Atlantis is full of Tritons and Locathahs. Their main goal will be to find Snow White (a crystal dragon), who has gone missing for reasons I haven't decided on yet. 
My players are going to be Mulan, Belle, Aurora, Rapunzel and Kuzco. I'm going to have them cross paths a couple times with a rival group made of Hercules, Meg, Ariel and someone else (haven't decided who yet). The cast of Up will be making appearances as artificers who have handy magical items and plot things. And if I think they need extra healing help (two of the players will probably flake out at some point) I'll have the Cheshire Cat follow them around.
I know there are plenty of people here who are good at coming up with ideas, and plenty of people here who play dnd. If anyone has suggestions for... literally anything (classes, races, plot ideas, homebrew magic items, setting, etc.) I'm open to them!