Need a story for my game

Let me preface by saying this, I am more than willing to pay for any particularly good offerings or work if needs be.

I am busy developing a game to be published on steam.  The concept is basically from the retro game 'bomber man' (the one with all the gray walls - the old one).  Basically bomber man (name to be changed of course) is busy playing one of the levels, when he accidentally breaks a weakened wall and is able to escape the arena.  He finds himself outside in the wilderness of an endless (procedurally generated or similar) world.

What awaits him outside?
What are the levels he found himself previously trapped in?
Who is he?
And what is his purpose?
ect.  You get the idea.

The game is actually a survival game.  There will be bomber man style combat (main theme of game).  There will also be, farming, husbandry, trapping, resource gathering, mob killing / looting, crafting, etc.  The world will have pseudo eco systems with different mobs, that I will try to get to feel as natural as possible.

What I need is a nice captivating story for this lot.  Almost all ideas are welcome, but I am definitely impartial to 'epic quests of discovery / self discovery'.  Also dark or controversial stories.  Stories with twists, or 'you never saw that coming' are also certainly welcome.  

Whatever the story, it would have to be able to fit into gameplay, such as designing locations, etc. , or quests or goals and such that can fit both story and game.  A good example of what I like (albeit a bit on the extreme side), would be vangers (old game) story.

I would like people to throw basic ideas my way and if any of them stick, then I would like to work with you to flesh things out.  Like I said payment is definitely an option if needed and can be discussed.

Re: Need a story for my game

Man, could you actually understand Vangers story? You're talking about the game with a voxel overhead map where you drove mad-max style cars through some sort of post-apocalyptic hellscape, right?

Maybe it's because I was like twelve when I played it, but any attempts at understanding the narrative of that game just made my brain hurt.

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Listening to your description I've a few ideas.

#1 You are an autonomous weapon being developed to clear fortified positions. When you first escape you need to escape the complex defenses, which ironically they have done a great job of training you how to do. When you make it past the facility you encounter several screens of nothing, your character notes, all resistance cleared and moves on. After a few screens your character notes the continued lack of resistance and low resources, noting this it proceeds to 'set up a FOB until orders are received. You then have your base building section where rarely your character will stop to comment, "this quiet is pleasant," or something along those line. You eventually discover a small nearby town, but it is not fortified and offers negligible resistance and so your programing marks it as inconsequential, besides, you don't want the quiet to end. You then have a period of friend making/trading before someone finally call in law/military. You then have to begin a small series of diplomatic pleas for peace by convincing the various waves of enemies that you don't want to fight, with failure resulting in a round of early game bomber grid fighting. Eventually you either succeed enough to get people to leave you alone or fail enough that you are facing overwhelming waves and retreat back to your birth facility, break in and produce more of yourself and start a war of extermination in hopes "That it will be quite at the end."

#2 You are a weaponized cyborg undergoing testing that upon accidental escape begin to encounter things and situations that you machine half has not been programmed for and must start relying on your human half to fill the gaps and make decisions. This leads to the player choosing to try and break the programing, by gathering certain materials/files, or embracing the simplicity of being a blind weapon (killkillkill). If you choose to break free you begin to discover that you were 'X' and become upset at what you lost and begin to attack the company that made you. As you go along you begin to encounter other yous, as in exact same face and everything, this confuses you for a bit before you discover a mass cloning facility which leads to the question of whether you are really you or not (potential ending for spending several minutes in the clone bank room by saying that it was "All to much for 'X' and he simply shut himself down). You continue to discover that the man running the company is you, the real you, that yes you were just a mass produced clone. The real you reveals that you used your own dna/brainscan for your autonomous weapons so that way no one was harmed but yourself in their creation. You can then have a big deep debate over whether you are both actually the same person, the definition of a person, ect. Do well enough you convince yourself to stop producing more of yourselves, don't you can choose to back down or try and force yourself to stop by killing him. If you try to kill yourself several more yous enter, including a better prototype version with the original you moving behind defenses you can't breach but the prototype can. Upon, defeating yourself and the prototype, you move in for the kill only to be blocked by someone else, your son. This gives you the final option, commit suicide over what you've become, or kill you son and self to make sure tragedies such as yourself aren't being created any more.

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You could go for a wild and wacky meta-narrative route, where the MC is really just a bomber man, but accidentally breaks out of the world he is supposed to be in (the bomber man stages). He then escapes, and the narrator, unsure what to do "improvises" a new game for him.

Or idk, maybe the game starts with him finding some kind of weird bomb upgrade, that allows him to break the walls he previously couldn't, and initially there's more normal rooms behind those, but as he breaks out further the game gets weirder until it turns into something else. The big story could be about finding out what allowed you to break out, if even the narrator / admin of the world is confused.