Hey ya'll from the US!

I have been writing since I was small because I realized early on that words make you or break you. They can open or close the doorways to the soul. My goal is to make people feel: the pain of a death; the hope found in birth; the inspiration of fighting for something you believe in; the crushing weight of mistakes; the honor in holding the line. So here we are, ultimately to waken the fighter inside you. Say hello to the BlackMockingjay! 

Re: Hey ya'll from the US!

Welcome to Royal Road. Your introduction truly captures what it means to be a writer. I can see that as a montage with either Final Countdown or the theme from Rocky playing. You've set quite a goal for yourself, but if you achieve it, you've done something very special. Hope you find Royal Road a good place to hone your craft and that many people enjoy and are inspired your work. Good luck.