Re: Do You Prefer Reading A Story In First or Third Person POV?

3rd Person is generally more enjoyable for me to read. I like the idea of watching events from the outside. I think of TV shows like Game of Thrones for reference. When I'm reading a 3rd person story, it feels a lot like watching a TV show. I mentally imagine all the events and characters from the outside. 

That being said, I've read a ton of 1st person stories that I enjoy. A lot of traditionally published Young Adult books are written in 1st person these days. I tend to find that 1st person stories work really well when a main focus is romance/emotions or the specific relationship between a small group of characters. I also think it's harder to execute 1st person than 3rd person, but that's personal preference. 

Re: Do You Prefer Reading A Story In First or Third Person POV?


Paradoxcloud Wrote: I like the mix between the two the most.
This is me too! There are areas better told from first person, and areas better told from third.

Omniscience allows you to go to places due to community knowledge of total characters. First person is very confining in this. I have read many writers blow first person talking about things they could not possibly know or assume. Got to tread carefully in POV. Which are you in?

But I wrote a non-fiction piece, epic story of a fetal alcohol vulnerable challenged child turned himself into an Army Ranger, then broke his neck in Airborne training fall.... when he recovered and discharged, he had no one and no place, so started selling himself on the street, hitching the lower States.

He is a cousin, so I would slip into MY first-person voice in telling of our collaboration and childhood, third with omniscient storytelling of his "adventures" and trials, and HIS first person POV in writing out some critical scenes.

It needed all three. It was a huge undertaking and cathartic. A good read. Certainly, a rare format. But needed it!