Review Swap 2.1: Electric Boogaloo

I made a thread like this before, but it went nowhere because I posted it at a time when everybody was fast asleep, lol [I really need to study timezones…]

Anyways, I’m game for reviewing other people’s work once again. I found it a very fun experience.

My novel, World Story, is part of the isekai fantasy genre. I became interested in deconstructing said genre in certain ways, like treating reincarnation as a well-reasearched phenomenon in the otherworld, rather than a protagonist plotpoint. Overall, writing this book became a hobby of mine.

My story deliberately flows like a light novel, meaning it is dialogue-heavy and the chapters are fairly short. There are 6 MCs in total. One of them is the lead character, who is no “hero” by a long shot. Since there is so much going on inside my head, I decided to expand my work into a whole series in the future.

I have all day and night when it comes to reading and reviewing, because I’m still curious over what people think about my novel, even though I write for fun.

Without further ado… let us begin our journey to alternate realms the denizens on this site have crafted. I’ll go get coffee.  FancyDrakan

Re: Review Swap 2.1: Electric Boogaloo

I'm also doing an Isekai so I'm up for a swap! While I'm not subverting the Isekai portion too much (unless you call a narcissistic father ordering someone to put the spirit of his son's parallel world self who's more of a fighter than the original subverting it), I'm trying to subvert the Xianxia genre to a degree.

Also, fun fact. When I visited the page for World Story, my story's up there in the "Others Have Also Liked" section. xD