Re: In Your Opinion What's The Most Exciting Part About Being An Author?

To me, it's honestly just the satisfaction, that i can write a novel, an actual book and not snippets of a story. Because, immediately, when i read, watch or just do something, i always end up imagining a new story or a continuation to mine on even a fanfic. It feels good to be able to put my imaginations into something rather than keeping them bottled up in my head. Plus, every time I imagine something, i can always feel what the character is supposed to feel.

And also, another part of the satisfaction does come from reading positive comments from the readers. Even the negative comments, make me want to do better and make my books better, i suppose it's a part of development.

Re: In Your Opinion What's The Most Exciting Part About Being An Author?


SpectacularLoophole Wrote: But I think chiefly for me it's the act of creation itself. Engaging all of the senses and just entering a realm where anything could be possible is both intrinsically enlivening and refreshing.

This. All of this. 

Just the feeling of losing yourself in your thoughts, your ideas. Daydreaming about it to the point where it is starting to get silly.  Running out of the shower because you had an amazing idea.

Even if you don't put anything on paper, the sheer feeling of excitement and energy is quite something.

Re: In Your Opinion What's The Most Exciting Part About Being An Author?

What I love the most about being an author is the act of writing itself. When I write, I can perfectly picture every scenario and intricate detail. When I think I’m incapable of putting certain aspects in my novel, I somehow find a way to execute them well. I have some problems with pacing and plotholes, yes, but writing is just so fun and relaxing.

I have so many ideas in my head that I feel like sharing them with others as a work of fiction is only natural. I’ve been interested in writing ever since I wrote a short Christmas story back in high school. There was nothing special about it or even remotely whimsical. It was about a little Russian boy finding out that his present (a matryoshka doll) was given to him by his busy father, who previously posed as Santa that very night.

I just based it on a Simpsons episode where Homer found out that a photo of his young self with Santa turned out to be his father, too. Either way, my classmates loved my story so much they told me to retell it multiple times during recess.

Re: In Your Opinion What's The Most Exciting Part About Being An Author?

I love making characters and worlds to connect with people. There is such a great beauty in being able to make a piece of fiction that can have such a positive effect on someone in real life, and even help them to an extent.

At the same time, being an author can be kinda scary hoping that your own writing will live up to the potential that you want it to be at, but still it feels amazing to touch the hearts of others through a piece of fiction.

Screw you fear! You cannot stop us!