Re: Hi! - This extra is just to reach at least 5 characters

Welcome! One thing I've learnt posting fiction online is to learn how fast you can go, and don't over promise or risk burnout. Find your own comfortable pace.

Also, once your fiction is approved get a link in your signature for a bit of free advertising as you post about the forums.

I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.
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Re: Hi! - This extra is just to reach at least 5 characters

Welcome to Royal Road. I actually had to google the "bean soldier " reference, but I suspect quite a few people here will get it as anime and gaming are quite popular here. To help you get to know Royal Road better, check out Cinn's beginner's guide Lot of very helpful information there including how to add a link to your story in your signature once you start posting it. Sounds like your story is something people here will enjoy. Being active in the Forums will help you get you know the community and to get better known yourself. Hope you enjoy being here, that victory is always yours, and that many people read your work. Good luck.