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AuthorMarcel Wrote: Happy Tuesday my friends! 

For me, I think after reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol that kinda planted the seed. I had started writing before that, but after I'd finished reading, it kinda lit a fire under me to take the craft more seriously. I know a lot of people don't like Dan Brown or his writing style but to each their own. Also, when the first season of Game of Thrones came out on HBO, that - along with many other things - made me realize that there's a possibility if your story is good enough it could be picked up by a major studio. Of course, there are MANY factors involved there along with a great bit of luck and a solid team behind you, but I digress. 

For you, what book(s) or author(s) made you decide to go down this writing journey?
The dumb husky and his white cat master, my journey of reading this,just hit the nail. The husky also known as erha was a roller coaster of emotions. After reading it, I was just,'tsk, I want to create something that would express my own world even if It won't be professional at this time.' 

So that's my little life's little inspiration.

Re: What Book or Author Made You Decide To Become A Writer?

The authors who made me want to write, it's difficult to say, because in a way, I want to say "all of them". I think I've been marked more by books than by authors. The Lord of the Rings was a big revelation for me, and I still find it brilliant. With Of Mice and Men, I discovered that a book could make people (me) cry. The Chrysalids (by John Wyndham) confirmed this, and I won't even talk about The Old Man and the Sea... I think it's more the existence of this incredible abundance of stories, of universes, that made me want to add my drop to the ocean. I know what joy books bring me. The idea of being able to give that back is pretty great.

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actually, it was Pokemon. LMAO

When I was 10 ( was...1998 I think) I started writing AAMRN's (Ash And Misty Romance Novels). I wrote so much and actually got a little bit of a following. My stories were strictly Pokemon based. When I got a little older, 14 or 15 maybe, I altered all my stories and removed any mention of Pokemon and changed all the character names and made them their own thing. I, sadly, took a long hiatus (you can thank life for that) and abandoned writing for 10-ish years. Voracity, my current fiction on here, is my triumphant return to the literary world! Oh, how I've missed it so.

Thank you, Royal Road, for existing!

Re: What Book or Author Made You Decide To Become A Writer?

Inspiration wise? I loved Cradle, but it was the Traveler's Gate that made me want to write for myself. Seeing that someone could self-publish and actually get better as they published stuff put aside a lot of my self-doubts, and was eventually the thing that made me start posting here.

I won't name the books in the other category, which were kindle unlimited stories that were either unpleasant to read or just plain boring that made me think 'even I can do better than this'. I started seriously writing after I put down book two in one of those series after suffering through the first one, and haven't looked back since.

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I didn't decide to become a writer: I've always been one. For me, writing has never been a hobby or a profession or even something that I chose to do, it's more like... a fundamental part of my being. The only thing I have ever been good at or really knew how to do. I have always liked to write stories, since I could pick up a pencil. And everyone around me: family, friends, fellow students, teachers, strangers; everyone liked my stories and told me what a good writer I was. So I just... kept on doing it, eventually conceding that they were probably right because I was just tired of hearing people say this.

There was one moment, though, after I left high school, where I was reading one of Terry Brooks' Shannara books, where I distinctly thought to myself: "I can write as well as this guy can!" It wasn't that I thought the book was bad (I actually love the Shannara books!) but more that I never before considered the possibility that I could be a published writer, too.

I started writing my own novel shortly after.

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Most of the older traditional fantasy books - I got tired of re-reading books and realising how full of overused exposition it was. How so many writers kept writing about the same races adn the same kind of worlds. Where fantasy and sci-fi were completely separate stories, while the can cohabitate.

I just decided that I wanted to try fantasy in my own way, in my own pace where I was not gonna throw every detail in there.

Turns out I really need to be better at story building :')

Re: What Book or Author Made You Decide To Become A Writer?

For me, I wanted to be an author for a very long time, born from my immense love for reading. Literally, all I did was read. So I guess the books that led me to write are the same books that led me to read. The Land of Stories is an interesting series because it was so rooted in fairy tales and seen as 'childish' but I couldn't help myself! I also really enjoy the Skulduggery Pleasant and Keeper of the Lost Cities series, which both helped me create my writing style and give me the courage to write.

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I'd say it is a mixture of Tolkien, Stoned Jesus, Tool,  Pablo Coelho, and Mick Gordon. I've always imagined scenes/plots in my head, but the doom soundtrack made me want to write so I could share the kickass fight scene that was playing in my mind. Tool makes me want to write weird psychedelic magic systems. Tolkien, well, he made fantasy cool for me. Loved The Lord Of The Rings, read it so many times.

Pablo Coelho's book The Alchemist was a great inspiration for who knows what. I just know I liked it and I took inspiration.

So its those people, and a lot of music.