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The prophecy of the triad of Fates in the prologue is actually in the verses:

To lose everything, and remain apart,
darkness always round her, darkness in her heart!
To wander the world, without peace or cheer, 
shadow ever pursuing, and escape nowhere!
Young girl, endure, evil takes its toll, 
through it all you will emerge with naught, yet pure in soul. 
And though shadow may threaten all that you hold dear, 
it cannot possess you, nor the beauty that you bear… 
At the end of your dark journey you still will feel the light; 
out of shadows, a whole empire, kingdom beyond sight.

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As featured in Chapter 17...

‘Our four great founders came together,
With a big idea.
A school of magic they decided,
Would be built that year.
The name and place were chosen quickly,
Off to work they went.
With mastery they built a castle,
Grand and resplendent.

But then it came to those to teach,
And there they disagreed.
The four were split and wouldn't settle,
So they turned to me.
A wise old hat I may have been,
But how was I to know,
Whom to sort into which house,
I needed more info.

For Gryffindor, the brave were favoured
Among those he knew.
For Slytherin, only the proudest
Of the bunch would do.
Dear Ravenclaw, would take the wisest
Minds among the group.
Dear Hufflepuff, would take the loyal
And forgotten few.

Other things are of importance,
That is well and true.
But certain traits just make it easier,
For old me to choose.
For I'm the sorting hat, you see, 
I'll look inside your head.
So pop me on, I'll sort you fast,
And then it's off to bed!’

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This one is a bard's song, composed decades after my story actually ends.

It was a lovely summer sun
That first his shadow cast,
When into old Pel Darni
Walked a man without a past.
He rarely spoke about himself,
No more than was required
The life of an adventurer
Was all that he desired.
So strong he was and tall and fair
They took him right away,
To teach him how to fight for us
To hold the beasts at bay
He spent his days in sun and rain
Protecting homes and lives
When danger called he followed soon
In burrows, nests and hives
We laughed with him and called him friend
Until the day he died
We buried him, we drank to him
And many a tear was cried
Far away from old Pel Darni
In the town of Trav’ler’s Last
Into the workshop of a mason
Walked a man without a past.

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This seems like a challenging and a fun way to showcase a writer's story. Here's mine.
Quote:In Enchanteria, a world of magics,
There are Flash guardians of such heroics,
Protectors and heroes written in epics, 
And fighters and oath-keepers of ethics.

But there lies a far greater danger,
That not even the heroes can counter,
For the three-headed dragon is the doom-bringer,
It was named as Devastrigon the destroyer, 
Though it can only be defeated by an avenger,
Known to many as the legendary Dragonslayer.

Displaying his raw strength and awesome roar, 
Even the mightiest dragons had never fought before,
But even he cannot finish the fight anymore,
For the old slayer's calling is not what he is here for,

The end must start with a boy's beginning,
For a prophecy has thrust upon his powers awakening,
He must join the Flash guardians by protecting,
While with the Dragonslayer through training,
The boy must accept the truth and his gift for rising,
And fulfill his destiny and kill the Devastrigon by slaying. 

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Your gentle fingers caress my skin,
Seeking familiar contours, and igniting flames within.
As mouths brush against naked skin,
Pushing me to a place where I can't think.

Are you an illusion?
Or something more?
Are you playing games?
Or is your mind in the same frame?

I'm not immune,
Just can't find the words to tell you so.
I'm not immune,
Just wanted you to know.

Reassure me with a wink,
Kiss my fears away till I can't think,
Ignite my inspiration, and capture my soul,
Allow my spirit to unfold.

Tantalize me with your sweet words,
Let me see how your mind works.
Don't let me dwell on the past,
Or ask if this will last...

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I'm honestly not really well-versed in poetry, but here goes:

There lived a man,
In little ol' Japan.
So alienated that he wont
To escape when he can.

But, fate is most fickle,
And the truck fickler.
Fate twisted and the truck came,
Life ending in a debacle.

Oh, what joy it was
To end up where he was.
"A fantasy world," he thought.
"Surely, there are many maidens to come across?"

Lo and behold, the man who was our hero,
He was most errant, unlike a hero.
Stuck in a world, devoid of levels,
Or ways to gain power like music in allegrissimo.

What cruel fate,
What cruel trifle!
How was our hero to enjoy
Another life without power?

Filled with fiends, priests,
And fiendish priests,
A world not medieval, nor of high fantasy.
But of pike and shot, in symphony.

So set forth,
Our modern Don Quixote.
"I will be overpowered, cruel author!"
A man, under a delusion of grandeur.

Let us summarize the tales of our hero,
With a little haiku:
He who leaps yonder
Expecting LitRPG
Finds dissapointment.

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Wandering alone on an endless path
Why are all my memories still lingering?
I will last until the end of time
Life is blooming in a sea of fiery flowers
Although abandoned by the worlds, I am the king of oblivion.

Between good and evil
Between life and death
When hatred and deception are mixed with sweetness
Perhaps in our existence
We will never forget
Those who remained in our deepest nightmares.
Two Poems about two different characters.

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Every child in every town has heard adventure’s call
songs and stories of the hero, known and loved by all
but every now and then a stubborn child will come along
who will not rest until they’ve been the hero in a song
And what awaits the child who chases dreams until their end
those who challenge fate with every day they have to spend
would they know the questions to the answers which they find
what of all the family and friends they left behind
Should this be a tale of good and evil, or of fate
choices made in moments lost and battles won too late
somewhere on the hero’s path he might just go astray
maybe it’s a simple song to those who know the way


This is an experimental new type of fiction
It's a gamelit verse novel, a brand new concoction
Follow Twig as he rebels against his status screen
And learn why its messages are always cold and mean

Like my main work, "Hero's Song," its form follows a rule
every rhyme and syllable is taken from that school
see the prologue for a quick guide on this new format
this will be a first draft, so I hope you're fine with that

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Eldritch beings thought to be lies
Ancient horrors in hidden disguise
A regular boy drowned in frustration
Received a letter, unforeseen invitation
A decision was taken that may be unwise

To find out the truth he’ll need to advance
With a honed weapon, he will take his chance
Travel the world and meet new allies
Defeating the enemies he’d grow to despise
No more observing, He’ll take the offense

Those who built reality’s wall
Ones that fly and ones that crawl
The descendants who this world seek to correct
The fragile humans they sought to protect
They all will answer Tesyrion’s call.