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I started my story with a poem made by someone who is very key to the world and lore that takes place. The open itself makes sense on its own but will hold double meaning for the history, power system and culture of this world as the story goes on but for now, it's a neat tone-setter. But I guess that's not the start of the story proper. 

The real first line of the book is one both laying down the high physical and emotional stakes of the scene to come with the wish of trying to save someone she knows by killing someone else.

Quote:"Before he could dirty his hands further she must pass judgment."

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Wicked Honey - It's surprisingly difficult to say goodbye to my face.

Mirefall - The beast hasn’t noticed me yet.

Lunarborn (starts with an “excerpt” from a fictional religious tome) And so true was the All-God’s love for humanity that it freed us forever from the prisons of our flesh of dirt, and gave us instead flesh of starlight, through which we could live infinite lives in infinite worlds.

Stormstruck With one cold fingertip I trace a sigil for luck onto the glass of my balcony table.

The Persephone VariantThe King of the Evernight wears his exhaustion like a heavy crown. 

Tails of a Cyborg Fox GirlI really gods-damned f**king hate this client.

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From the prologue of my currently-unreleased project, A Sharper, More Lasting Pain, which is framed (as you can see) as recovered and transcribed audio logs from a now-dead magic scientist.

Quote:The following is the last recordings of Dr. Chloe Duval, transcribed in accordance with the applicable sections of the Laws for Miasmic Interaction. Copies of the transcribed vocite provided with permission by the Arcane Collective for Academic Study (ACAS)

Followed by the transcription of an audio log, which opens thusly:

Quote:We’ve touched down ahead of schedule. Gods willing, we will be up-river and studying the ruins of Idune by the end of the fortnight. There’s a wealth of miasma there, ripe for the sampling.

There's also the opening line from my soon-to-be-published short, Within These Twisted Vines.

Quote:Isabella was missing. That’s what the officer kept telling me from across the living room.

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Hello to everyone who loves reading books in the Romantic Drama genre! I wanted to share with you my book that I've been writing for two months now! I hope you enjoy reading it or at least give it a try.

Quote:"You and I need to declare to them that we are dating."
  • Teen/Drama. Going through their inner problems, they are looking for peace to feel real. It so happens that they find themselves in the same literary club, and their lives begin to gradually change.
  • If you enjoy dramas with elements of psychology brought to the storyline about several students from Tokyo, this film will suit you just fine.
Quote:"Why does one's happiness not return with a coin…? Why should I endure it for more than a decade? Did I do something wrong?" she said quietly, leaning on her knees.

It was the cycle of her life.

Link: Over the Bridges to Singing WaterfallsWebnovel


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Alrighty then.  First one doesn't make sense without the other three.

Quote:Well, it has come to this. My last post on the system net. Seven years since the fall.  Seven years of homo zombicus wandering the globe.
From Dr. Z's Zombie Apocalypse.

Quote:It was a small ship. Petite, even, measured against the mighty bulk of her sisters in death.
From A Return To Sol.

Certainly no "In a hole in the ground lived a Hobbit," but my hooks aren't for everyone.  Maybe when I get to be a better writer they'll be closer, though.