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L.J.Molina Wrote: I don't want to say a lot about this, but the main antagonist of Book 1 (the book I'm currently publishing) is that he is fascinated with colors, specially the colors Purple and White.
So he's fascinated with royalty and purity? Sounds like a rather pious aristocrat type, a very good villain to have as they are easy to make hate-able and easily made misguided or well meaning.

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Weird facts...

If we're talking about unusual things, then the fact that The King started life as a slice-of-life YA romcom love interest is probably a bit non-standard for the superpowered genius leader of a secret society.

If we're talking about strange things, then I'd have to say that he really likes mint. Liking mint on its own is obviously not too strange, but emptying a tube of toothpaste into a glass of water to make "mint juice" is probably slightly odd behaviour even if he only did it as a kid.

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After her special abilities kick in her kidneys go into overdrive due to chemical burn off, so peeing for her becomes extremely painful.
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