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I've dabled in it but my main take away is that I like slice of life that has a narrative to it and isn't just flailing around blindly. Like Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (not the best example). It's slice of life but it still pushes the narrative that Kobayashi and Tohru are different species but can find common ground to understand each other and the possibility that humans and dragons can coexist in a way. Each chapter, while slice of life, adds to that narrative in some fashion especially as Tohru has to come to terms with the fact that she'll outlive Kobayashi.

Personally, with this plot, I'm in it for one thing; Kanna needs her lesbian moms, dammit!

I also like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. They came out with a spin off that I would classify as slice of life since it's all about those smaller interactions that don't fit in the main story well. What I enjoy about Slime Diaries is that yes, it's a spinoff with no action and no real overarching plot, but it's supposed to mesh in with the main series and complement it. It adds context to characters and small inside jokes and even tackles Shizu's death in an interesting way that the main series never touched on. When watching the anime, I'm a firm believer that you watch season 1, then Slime Diaries, and then season 2; the tragedy in season 2 carries a lot more weight with Slime Diaries as added context.

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Since slice of life revolves around lower stakes and not world-changing plots, an ending could be many things. 

Let's say MC suffers from an incurable disease, the ending could be literally them passing away after enjoying every remaining moment they had left. Not exactly an upbeat story but still slice of life. 

On the flip side, it could just be when the MC reaches whatever goal they set for themselves. Be it business, romantic, or other.

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Could just be settling into a new normal. 

One of my favorites was about a human-looking android who lived in the post-apocalypse. Mankind was disappearing in a slow and almost relaxing way, but she'd have to come to term she'd outlive everyone, eventually. It ended decades later with her original neighbors having all died or moving away, but another droid moved in at her farmhouse and she'd made another one as an aquaintence. Same but different. Life just goes on, sometimes. 

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Conclusion. I mean. It's still a story even if the stakes of the story aren't grand and there isn't this massive conflict to be solved.

Not all slice-of-life is a meandering story and even if it was, one can conclude it or leave off at a satisfying spot. It really depends on the SoL story. My expectations for what happens when it is concluded is what kind of story that is presented in front of me.

Slice-of-life stories fall on sliding scale of meandering on one end to it does have a plot on the other end. They'll all tumble along those lines. Some being in the middle or leaning one way or the other narrative wise.

Some are more meandering than the others where it's more about the journey. I would expect for these stories when they are concluded is that the character continues on doing what they are, or there if some sort of change was introduced by the end, the character continues on towards that change.

For those stores that have a goal for the character(s) to actually work towards, that would be solved by the end of it. And that goal can be anything. It could be solving a mystery, or graduation from a position, or learning a valuable lesson while having a long journey to get there. Because in these cases it more about the journey still than a character moving fact pace towards a conclusion as quickly as they can. There are lots of small tales and things to see along the way.

And for those that actually have a "plot", I would expect for whatever conflicts that need to be resolved are resolved. And often times with slice-of-life there are little conflicts put in the way of the character to get what they want or need for them to reach a conclusion. All these things introduced need to be resolved.

And just for the record. I tend to write more plot based SoL. It's a little easier to write because that's kind what I'm used to reading in books that could fall under SoL if it was an actual literary genre in the west.

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Slice of life makes me think of this incredible novel about every day people subsisting in a world devolved towards a dystopian standard of living. 
334 by Thomas Disch.
From the Goodreads review:

Quote:If Charles Dickens has written speculative fiction, he might have created a novel as intricate, passionate, and lacerating as Thomas M. Disch's visionary portrait of the underbelly of 21st-century New York City. The residents of the public housing project at 334 East 11th Street live in a world of rationed babies and sanctioned drug addiction. Real food is displayed in museums and hospital attendants moonlight as body-snatchers.

Nimbly hopscotching backward and forward in time, Disch charts the shifting relationships between this world's inheritors: an aging matriarch who falls in love with her young social worker; a widow seeking comfort from the spirit of her dead husband; a privileged preteen choreographing the perfectly gratuitous murder. Poisonously funny, piercingly authentic, 334is a masterpiece of social realism disguised as science fiction.

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Have you ever watched Adventure Time? I recently rewatched and seeing it from beginning to end was mind-blowing. Especially the end, and Adventure time is one of the most slice-of-life shows ever technically. It's all about the characters, who they are and what they become. A firm plot wasn't even needed for the show to be good. 
Sorry this post didn't have a very definitive answer, but you could definitely get some inspiration on slice-of-life from Adventure Time.

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Paradoxcloud Wrote: I’m not a fan of anything related to slice of life, which is why I’m asking anyone who’s more into the genre what they’d expect when a series comes to an end.

There is no set formula for where a slice of life show/story ends. Many of them end with a phase of the character's life drawing to a close or sometimes at the start of a new phase of their life (same thing, just the perspective of how they write it). Others end the story as nonchalantly as it begins. Others still purposely make the story episodic so that the "end" is the end of each chapter. Meaning that it only truely ends when they stop writing or when the reader wants to stop reading. Honestly, writing good slice of life is a talent because you are making the everyday mundam life interesting or at least engaging. It's not easy to write and it takes a certain appreciation for the little things in life to both write and/or enjoy reading it.

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There are plenty of different "types" of slice of life series but when viewing the group that is less sitcom styled and just "Character focused, Lower stakes, Slower progress" than the end of a slice of life series is some sort of character development. By focusing on day to day life and the smaller stake struggles I think the best conclusions are those that involve personality changes. A flaw being corrected. Some sort of mental health realization. Stuff like that.

Of course there are more sitcom style slice of life series but those like a sitcom cannot really have an end. They only end when they lose fans/the writer gets sick of writing and just stops but there's no real goal that is completed.