I need help naming a new story

Sense my current story's notes are nuked and it will take me forever to rewrite everything....I stared a new one. Something wildly shifted in tone.

I spent the last like two days getting the first chapter written and edited, but I have no idea what to name it. So I'll ask you lot to help.

Basic concept. After thousands upon thousands of years of being reborn to battle each other, The Demon Lord and the Hero (reborn as a princess) decide to just run away from their ancient battle to do literally anything else for once.

Title that came to my mind is...

Demon Lord Abandon's Main Quest (joke is his name is Abandon)  

But I'm not sure I want to even bother with Game Lit style stuff.

DrakanFascinating  so yeah. Any ideas?

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Dreyvs Wrote: Seeking a new path
Unusual Adventure
Denying the Past
Refusing the Past
Unwilling to Fight
Unwilling to Battle
Demon Lord's Denial
Demon Lord's Fleeing Adventure
The Demon Lord is running away !
The Demon Lord is fleeing !
Unwilling Demon Lord
Abandon is abandoning !

What I could think of.

I mean, if nothing else, I got a laugh out of a few of these.

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Crusixblade Wrote: DrakanFascinating  Yes or No to this....

I'm sick of this endless tale of the Demon Lord and the Hero: have we eloped?
That's pretty funny.

Also, *since.

Check out: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/20243/the-demon-lords-lover

Other ideas: 

Abandon the Cycle
Checking Out of the Divine Rat Race
Exploding the Tire on this Stupid Wheel
This Time When the Demon Lord Took Out His Big Staff...
She's Kind of Cute This Time; Maybe I'll Ask Her Out?
The White Queen and the Black King Escape the Chessboard
The Gods Can't Play Chess Without Their Missing Pieces
Why Do I Have a Better Relationship with My Eternal Enemy Than My Subordinates? 
This Time, It Was the Hormones that Defeated Us
Demon 42 - Hero 45: Now for the Halftime Break
Somehow a Wardrobe Malfunction Ended Our Eternal War
...And Now the Whole Pantheon Is After Us
So, the Humans and Demons Finally Set Aside Their Differences and Allied Together Because We Eloped, Which Is Like Totally Unfair
Lots of Experimental Testing Trying to Create a Demon-Human Hybrid
I Finally Learned that Humans Don't Consider a Death Battle an Appropriate Form of Courtship
Breaking These Narrative Chains

That's all I got.

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Crusixblade Wrote:
HereBeTreasure Wrote: The Demon King is Bored like the webtoon The Devil King is Bored, great webtoon btw

Never heard of it. Won't read it likely thanks to the similar premise. 

DrakanSigh  nothing new under the sun and all that.
It's really funny, you might get some ideas  DrakanGlasses For example, the princess sees the devil king fighting another guy and mistakes it for a boy's love scene

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Fleeing with Abandon: Works as either a narrative angle viewpoint or if you decide to tell it from the hero's perspective. "We are running away together." Also a play on words for running away as best they can.
Adventuring with Abandon. Fun wordplay.
Travelling with Abandon.  Fun wordplay.

Abandon the Hero: If you want the protag to deliberately act against his role and be heroic. A fun play on words.

Just a few off the top of my head.