Title: Surge

Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/48982/surge

I had the idea for this story after watching some poorly written isekai animes. I wondered if, by taking similar characters in a similar setting, I could write a great story with an interesting plot and relevant characters. So the story starts in this boring setting with a generic story. As the plot is unraveled, we learn what is hidden behind the cover. Fast-paced battle sequences, unique world-building mixing science and magic, multiple protagonists and antagonists with their own motives and aspirations, and much more.

In Shulvar, a world of sword and sorcery where most of the northern and the southern hemispheres are a no man’s land called the Dense Mana Zones, only a thin strip of land is left for mankind, elf-kind and dwarf-kind to share. Yet, for nearly ten years after the defeat of the tyrannical king Arkosh, peace reigned.
Until emerged, from the northern dense mana zone, a sanguine army of hellish creatures, half-goat, half-men, on a scale far greater than anything ever seen. Furthermore, a familiar figure is leading them…
Lynch, after single-handedly ending the war ten years prior, must immerse himself in the arcane arts once more and find the hope within this hopeless struggle.

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