The legends of 0.5 review spams lead me here


Hey, I'm unknownking, and I'm new here.

I'm just your average 21-year-old student that enjoys reading and writing novels.

To be honest, I didn't hear that much positive about royalroad. Well, I've only heard about the 0.5-star rumors from fellow authors, which got me curious since I don't want to be left out by this experience.

And yeah, here I am, waiting to see if the legends of getting 0.5-star spams are true or not and how long it takes for my novel to be hit by it if it will even get any review at all here XD.

I also wanted to apologize in advance since I'll be spamming my chapters here till I've uploaded all of them.
Sorry for that, and I hope you guys don't mind it.^^

As for my book, it's just a multiple-lead, no cheat, novel about five siblings searching for each other in a magic world. I'm curious if my works can win any readers here or not, but either way, it's nice to meet you all.^^

Re: The legends of 0.5 review spams lead me here

Suggestion: Space it out into daily, Rising Stars will treat you better.

and the code for more popularity: make it an LiTRPG

Here’s a poem that will hopefully help

If you be in mind for some fun check out the games forum;
And if your writing hath hit a snag then the solution may lie in the writing forum;
Or if a good argument be your wish, you'll be sure to find it in the debate forum;
Marketing also occupies its very own forum;
But if you just want to talk then you'll find it in the general forum

And 0.5es aren't really all that common. 

Re: The legends of 0.5 review spams lead me here

Welcome to Royal Road. Typically you'll see the 0.5 star trolls pop up when a work starts to become popular and shows up on Rising Stars. That's when you know you've made it as an author. I'll second Random Cat's suggestion of post a single chapter daily. It maximizes the amount of time your story shows up on the Latest Updates list which is where many people choose stories to read. To learn more about Royal Road, check out Cinn's beginner's guide

Hope you have an enjoyable experience here and that many people read your work. Good luck.