Twenty Years is a story set in a Japanese kingdom with Western influences. Two kingdoms exist on one continent—Kuro no Ōkoku and Gin no Ōkoku—and have an antagonistic relation with each other. Each one is blessed by a god, being the first two nations to be formed, and each one follows it’s own path.
Kuro enjoys fighting its eastern neighbor to reclaim lands; Gin does what it can to defend itself. One such war occurs during King Utaka’s reign, and lasts for ALL of his reign; alongside him fight his children Kozue and Kyoumi and the general Fujita Zach, supported by Utaka’s wife Erize at home. Twenty years this war goes on...and at the end of it all, both kingdoms will be left with scars that carry on to the next generation.

Reasoning for tags include one or two uses of strong language, and death of some characters (details are not graphic, and some deaths are only given a sentence to acknowledge it).
Names, in the story, are formatted with the last name going before the first (as in above; ‘Fujita’ is the last name while ‘Zach’ is the first). The exception to this is titles like ‘Kyōryokuna’ and ‘Tsuyoi,’ which are titles given to the gods Bekin/Emaya and Aimiki/Itoki respectively.