That feeling when something just *works*

I received a very positive review on Eclipse, which prompted me to reread it - first time I've looked at it since the frenzied inspiration rush that finished it off - and... I don't usually feel so completely satisfied with my own work. Usually I can pick at flaws, and tweak things endlessly, and worry about this or about that plot element or story decision... but Eclipse is so short and self-contained, sure I could adjust the wording here or there, but on the whole it just... works.

I ended up ruthlessly cutting side plots in order to finish it as quickly as possible, but now that I reread it I actually think it's stronger without them. It's a very focused, very intense little story, and I know I'm gushing excessively but I think I love it.

How about you all? What's the thing you've written that you're happiest with? It could be a story, a chapter, a scene, a character, whatever. What do you feel you've done well, that doesn't bring the usual cringe of shame when you reread it? (If the answer is 'Nothing yet T-T' then keep going! I've been there, and it's well worth fighting through.)

Very excited tonight. Even if I'm behind on everything else. I'm very happy.