Cross-Site Posting: Is it a thing?

Hey Royal Roads community!

I hope this is the appropriate place to post this discussion. I've just recently begun to consider creating a web novel and I am very curious to get a bearing for what's what.

My question to the writers of Royal Roads: do you guys post your works across multiple websites, or do you keep it confined to this site? Is it advantageous to also post your stories on other sites to try to increase your outreach? Is this seen as tacky? And, if you do post your story on multiple sites at once, do you get the feeling that that's what everyone does, or are you a deviant? Is the hassle of managing several online accounts across multiple website worth it to potentially gain more readers?

Would love to hear some opinions on this. 

Re: Cross-Site Posting: Is it a thing?

It's quite common and not deviant at all. Many writers have mirror/crosspost content on other platforms.

I would like to mirror on a site that actually has activity. Neovel was my choice, but doesn't appear to have a lot of activity. I'm actually very much ready just to pull the plug and find some place else to go. I also have my website. Websites don't pull the number a platform does, however, it is very useful for things I can't put on here.

Basically, you really don't want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Nothing like having a platform die and close up on you and then have nowhere to go. And there have been plenty of platforms that have died. Even platforms that experience long-term outages to fix issues.

And if for some reason you get banned or your story removed from a platform, you're not at a loss where to go it you already have another place to post. You already have a place where your readers can go to continue reading your work.

The only issue that will rise is if you can juggle using multiple platforms and to make sure the platform you are using isn't questionable and aren't author friendly. So do your research. Don't just join something because your friends told you too, or another writer told you to join.

Re: Cross-Site Posting: Is it a thing?

Right now I have my song lyrics and poetry book posted on RR and I also post the material on All Poetry. When I post my scifi story on here, I will also post it on Scribble Hub. I think there is nothing wrong with posting on various sites. In addtion to me posting on these sites I also post links to the material on Tumblr, Twitter, my Facebook page, my Facebook group, and will be posting the scifi story in some writing groups. I don't really concern myself with what other people do. I'm more of the type of person who just does what I want to do lol. I'm not being snotty but I just don't see a reason to concern myself with what other people do. I guess it comes from me being a private person. I don't have any issues with doing all the posting. I guess because on most of the sites I only post links and not the whole story, poem, song lyric, you know. I'm actually surprised at the little following I'm developing on Twitter. The key to getting a following on Twitter is taking the first step and following other writers, most will follow you back. Another thing is using the right tags not only on your posts, but also in your profile. You can add hashtags to your profile on Twitter. So, I would say that yes, it is worth it.