The new guy

Hello everyone. New guy here.

I started writing short stories a few months ago. Was not sure where to upload them. The obvious choice was kindle back then, since it's the biggest platform. I guess kindle is great for established authors, but so much for new authors.

Too bad I can't make my stories perma-free on kindle. I am just looking for some feedback and to entertain people. But at least I got some great reviews there, which is nice.

Everyone was praising royal road, according to my research. So here I am.

Currently I have here "red apple". A mystery story about a father and his daughter. Can't say more, or I'll ruin the mystery.

I am also uploading "Child Hater, Lover", my newest short story which is a bit longer. It's done and I will add the chapters as soon as it is approved here.

Next up I want to work on another story, and do chapter by chapter slowly and upload it here.

I was thinking on making them into an audio book and uploading them to youtube. Do you prefer to read or to listen?

I also made a small, free game on steam. I would like to combine my basic knowledge of programming with story writing to make a "choose your own adventure" game. Do you remember those? Not sure if they are still hot, but they used to be in the early 2000s.

Other than that, I am big King fan. Favorite books series is the dark tower. Love it.

Sorry for writing too much. Guess this is my introduction.
Hope you enjoy and have a great day!

Re: The new guy

Welcome to Royal Road. I do remember others mentioning "choose your own adventure" stories, but can't remember who. Could try a search to see if there are any others on Royal Road. LitRPG is the top genre here so I think there should be a good audience for your work. I'm not familiar with it, but there is a volume feature which allows different books to be included together. Might be a good way to combine your short stories since people here seem to like longer works. Hope you find Royal Road a good experience and that many people read your work. Good luck.

Re: The new guy


parkertallan Wrote: "LitRPG is the top genre here so I think there should be a good audience for your work."

First off, hello everyone and thank you!  DrakanMelt

I don't know what LitRpg is, but it's good to know. I will look into it, maybe it will be fun to write in this genre. I am open to almost anything.

Initially I was thinking more of making it like a game on steam. With stats and a virtual dice, so, a software. But the same should work with chapters too here.
It will be, a very confusing and though job to pull off. Once it gets longer, its hard to keep track.

But, step by step, everything is possible.

Have a great day and many readers!

Re: The new guy

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