Re: Very few readers. Struggling to take off

Well, let's start with a few surface points.

Typically, your views will go down from your initial post. They'll get better over time the more people who read, but you aren't going to have 100% reader retention. I'm sure a numbers person can explain this better.

Currently, you don't have enough chapters right now. People tend to wait to read once it gets passed 10-15 chapters due to how many stories get abandoned here. 

You aren't writing in the popular genres on here so you are already going to pull the numbers of those genres. So temper your expectations. 

You're also not going to pull fast big numbers by updating once a week.

Posting time really doesn't matter terribly much. I mean, you can experiment and post across different time zones to see. 

Now for some actual content issues and the biggest issue I see here.

Your blurb needs work. It tells the reader nothing about your story. This is the problem with using a quote from a story alone. They don't tell the reader enough. If you use a quote from the story, the use it followed by an actual blurb/summary.

Re: Very few readers. Struggling to take off

I have over ten times as many views on chapter 1 as on the most recent one. A lot of people will check out the first chapter and decide they don't want to keep reading. This is entirely normal and not something to be concerned about. Even very, very popular stories have the same dropoff - the ratio may change, but more people will reach chapter 1 than any other chapter.

As already mentioned, a lot of readers filter by pagecount. 100+, 200+, 400+, etc. A lot of people come, start a story, drop three or four chapters, then up and disappear. You need to set a schedule and stick to it for a while to prove you're not going to disappear before most people will be willing to give the story a try.

Re: Very few readers. Struggling to take off

A few tips. Try posting after an hour, such as 15:01 instead of 14:59 as it will appear on the latest updates. As others have also said, you're not working on a popular genre. LitRPG is extremely popular on this site, and just for an example, I have around double the followers on my LitRPG than my other work with fewer chapters, just because it is one. That being said, a lot of Royal Road is just sticking to it! You don't have a lot of content so far, so you just have to press on and keep working on it! The most important part is to just keep going at it (in my opinion).

Re: Very few readers. Struggling to take off

Other than the blurb and content amount people above me already mentioned, I find that creating a schedule and sticking to it helps. 

Write some chapters in advance and unless the circumstances is really, really dire don’t break it. Put your words amount on the synopsis and your update schedule there, and stick to it as a show of commitment to your readers and to ensure you always have some time in the Latest Updates, where you will enjoy a brief time in the front page.

I am not the best writer either, but hope this helps!

Re: Very few readers. Struggling to take off

Most people have already given you a great lowdown of whys and whats. A couple things you can do to help is be active on the site, in other ways other than posting chapters. Get your book in your signature and make appearances in the forum. Comment here and there. Start posts like this one. Reviews and review swap will also help bring people in. There is a noticeable rise in my views when I have time to make a couple appearances in the forum. Reviews make you look good and a well written review can attract people to see how your own work compares. 

Re: Very few readers. Struggling to take off

As a new writer, I wouldn't worry about the numbers right now. It's like those who start a Youtube channel and expect to become a viral sensation overnight. Consistency is key here, and quality. Focus on your story. Tell the best story you possibly can. The old cliche saying is "Rome wasn't built in a day." 

Just continue to write and upload. Interact with other members on the forum. Continue to learn more about the craft and improve on your writing skills. If you want, you can also look at what some of the "best rated" and "trending" novels are doing. See if you can pinpoint any similar patterns. Perhaps even send a message to the author and ask 'em for some advice if they'll reply. It's worth a shot. Whatever you do, don't get discouraged 'cause you aren't pulling in J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin numbers at the moment. Even they had to scratch and claw their way to the top. 

All in all, just continue to write and upload. People have said that your blurb needed some work. Post it. Gain some feedback. Tinker with it until it feels right. Post it again and go from there. 

All the best.