Road to AKM: Names

AKM is now under pre-production. I got a plot and basics down. 

Now I would love some helps with the names of things. 

Gangs, stores, people, etc.

Anything cyberpunk sounding, of course. 

Here's what I got so far:

Danze: Aka Lamb. The main protagonist. Wreckless, wild, young. Apart of Tokyo's Lost Ones.

Jockey: Friend of Danze. Shorter, but just as wild. Apart of Tokyo's Lost Ones.

Kaos: Leader of the Yakuza. Former prizefighter. Undefeated. 

M00N: AKM-7 model. The only one in existence. Ultra sentient. Kaos' right-hand woman. 

Tokyo's Lost Ones: A biker gang in Tokneo. Named after the old world city name "Tokyo"

Tokneo, Japan: The city built on the ashes of Tokyo. Unknown leader. 

Re: Road to AKM: Names

(Probably would serve you better in the Assistance bucket, but until then...!)

I love using Fantasy Name Generator. The Cyberpunk bit leaves some to be desired, but I would recommend combining two, or sticking one of those town suffixes at the end for city names, or even just use the suffix, itself, as a town name! 

Or maybe, think of the history of a place to come up with a name. Maybe there used to be a Bass Pro Shop in the center of town, and over time, it's evolved to things like Bass City, Shoptown, Pyramid City, 'Mid City, or Midtown. Or maybe someone was born in the parking lot of a Bass Pros Shop, and their parents were inspired by the...ambiance. Asphalt, Lake, etc.

I hope that helps inspire some thoughts for you!