LitRPG enjoyer trying to reinvigorate some dormant creative juices

Hello! I've been an enjoyer of LitRPGs since the tender young age of middle school when I read Conor Kostick's Epic for the first time. (I don't know if it's just nostalgia but it still feels like the best LitRPG I've read so far.) I rediscovered the genre about two years ago and since then it's become my favorite form of literary entertainment. (I read a lot of classic literature too, but that obviously scratches a very different itch. My favorite novel is Quo Vadis, which I could barely put down once I started.)

I used to write a bit of web fiction on the SCP Foundation wiki, back when I was younger and a little less self-stifling. I like writing but having tried (and failed) to write "literary" fiction many times in the past three years I've decided to take a crack at writing what might actually be fun for me instead. I am starting a webnovel inspried by fantasy strategy games. My hope is that, besides having plenty of entertaining strategy gaming elements and worldbuilding, it will eventually poke at some of the existential horror that LitRPG/GameLit settings imply to me--like what is it like to live in a world that literally exists for the simulation of violence?

Besides my very occasional dabblings in web fiction I enjoy volunteering for Standard Ebooks, a volunteer website that produces modern ebook editions of classic books by editing and reformatting ebooks from sources like Project Gutenberg.

I look forward to reading and writing more on this site!

Re: LitRPG enjoyer trying to reinvigorate some dormant creative juices

Welcome to Royal Road. Writing what you enjoy is a great way to get those creative juices flowing. The beats ways to interact with the community are to post in the Forums and comment on stories you read. Good to see you got a link to your story in your signature. It's some good free advertising. Hope you enjoy yourself and that your writring efforts go well. Good luck.