Analytics Tab Misleading (Bug?)

So as any obsessed author of RR, I've been looking at stats for a bit. One thing that I like to keep track of is page views and look at how much it improves daily.
Today I've released a new chapter and wondered just how well I was doing since stats are calculated in analytics at the end of the day. However, this led me to discover a mismatch in information. Total Views.

The fiction page claims I have 3.535 reads. If you take every single chapter and add the views together, this proves to be correct.
However, if you go into the general analysis, I soon find out that the total reads are higher than the ones on the fiction page, and that's without today's readings.
The analysis page claims that I have a total of 3632.

Does anyone know why that is? If so, do you have the same issue?
It's not a lot now, but could be very misleading in the future if I am lucky and the numbers jump!