Re: Genre Help Please

I thin it really depends on how present, powerful, and the portents of said gods will depend on the tags used. Are these real and present gods that are actual provable divine beings with people using religion as a way to follow their teachings and beseech their aid, fantasy will probably work. Is it more a case of encountering an alien religion or a religious person on a ship who is seeing an unexplainable phenomenon as a sign of god? That seems more like a philosophy tag. Are these gods vast and mighty entities beyond the scope of galaxies that all the technology of man is but an ant with a sliver of metal and the religion naught but the maddened, terrified people doing their best to appease a thing that could destroy their galactic civilization be rewriting the laws of reality? That would be what earns the mythos tag, at least in my mind the mythos tag is tied to the Cthulhu Mythos and when used is usually used in that context.