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I am adding a courtesy random shoutout mechanic to the review system. If anyone who has received a review is interested then please consider giving a random shoutout to one of the titles that have already been reviewed, and if you find the short recommendation interesting. Not necessary, but I am sure the other authors will appreciate it and may give your fiction a shoutout too. 

Re: Free reviews and recommendations

Going to drop mine here  DrakanPotato Hymns of the First Wind by Elysium July 

Book Synopsis:
Welcome to the First Wind, an airship who knows no boundary of time and space. Sailing its way through seasons and ages, from ruthless winters to blazing summers, from prehistoric period to modern. Humans have everything in their hands from creating new species to discovering other possibilities no one could have imagined. Cities were soaring as old empires shy away, clashing religions and wandering false prophets, alchemy along with other ancient studies rising, cursed bloodlines and hidden lineage. The history of mankind destined to be rewritten.

As humans slowly dwelled into its newfound purpose, some fought to leave and return back to their own timeline. Left with no choice but to climb aboard and as he learns more about the ship, Elias Kaver, a regular office worker, must choose his own path while fending for his life.

An impending doom has been brewing for centuries gaining its peak and as humankind succumbs to their greed and pride. It’s only a matter of time before they realize who is standing on mercy.

Holiday specials are spoiler-free so anyone could go ahead and check it out :)

Thank you for creating this thread!  peoYes