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**After receiving a review, please consider giving a random shoutout to one of the titles that have already been reviewed, and if you find the short recommendation interesting. Not necessary, but I am sure that the other authors will appreciate it and may give your fiction a shoutout too. 

Shoutout List:

1. The Random Cat recommends Eclipse.
2. slok recommends The Future That Never Was

The list:

10. The Cursebreaker - A gripping synopsis that made me instantly want to read the story. The overall formal writing style might not be everyone's cup of tea but those who like it might be able to enjoy this thoroughly - if it did not have a glaring fault. 

11. Deified - A very fascinating idea is presented here, something I haven't personally read about until now - a novel written from the perspective of the fictional world's 'gods'. Although, some might argue that various religious texts do just that. Overall, this feels like an idea with potential to become popular. It has refreshing(not always) comedy, very distinct relatable main characters (you read that right) and a unique concept that you might want to follow just to see where it leads to. 

12. Sub-Dragon Soldier -  A very unassuming title with a pretty generic name and a not so interesting synopsis(it has been edited since then, and is now very enthralling) - at least in my personal opinion. Then why give it five stars, you ask? Simple, I was just completely wrong about its content. Quite a cognitive dissonance this one. 

13. Descent - An interesting story about two twin brother and sister on the run. Although the story does well to keep itself interesting through its writing and future potential, it currently feels like it lacks enough content and story development at this point. 

14. Unending War -  This is the type of story I would like to call anime-esque. Not a masterpiece of literary work, but it was funny and interesting in its own way. This type of over the top story telling and 'blank' protagonists can only be found in anime. Some will like it, some will find it preposterous. 

15. Legend of the Spellthief
16. The Harmless Sweetie is Far From Harmless
17. Whispers From the Dark
18. Project Gaia
19. Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer
20. The Second Coming of Fate
21. Ducal Juhasz
22. Silver, Sand, and Silken Wings
23. The Descent of a Star
24. Dust Company
25. Day of Doom
26. Hymms of the First Wind
27. Pieces of Me
28. Thick as Thieves
29. The Psysword Chronicles
30. The Guardian

Reviewed and stayed at the top of the list for enough time: 

1. The Merchant Prince - The most important thing to understand about this title is that it is very distinct from what you can normally expect from a site like this. It doesn't attempt to take you into some jaw-dropping, constantly dopamine releasing fantastical world. In fact it is a far cry from that, it actually pulls you into a very familiar, hard reality. The characters are very well thought out and realistic, the details of the world is vivid, sometimes even nostalgic. You will find it rewarding if you manage to read up to at least the 3rd chapter.
2. The Future That Never Was - Very very professional writing style. What do we have here? A cat and a badass bounty hunter girl. Funny, fast-paced and action packed. Very atmospheric Cowboy Bebopish feel, except for the weird but interesting addition of a cat. A polar opposite of The Merchant Prince. As a science fiction, it manages to keep the world feeling 'possible' but not 'too' possible, striking a good balance between being too unbelievable and too hard to read. 

3. Altura's Defiance -  A very very oversaturated genre, although being reborn as a villainess might not be that oversaturated as the whole Transmigration genre is - I am sure that is exactly what you are thinking  - I thought that too. The author actually combines many elements (Kingdom Building, Xianxia, RPG etc) - and it doesn't get turned into a complete mess. That is saying something by itself. It remains true to what it claims so blatantly in its title and might end up as your next fix, if you are a big fan of this genre.

4. The Wind Walker -  The short one liner synopsis tries to catch attention by presenting to our psyche one significant event - children forced to work the mines. Now it all depends on the eyes of the beholder - is that one sentence enough to persuade you into reading a story? 

5. The Echo Realms - Gemma, a very ordinary girl with very ordinary desires (kind of like of us) suddenly faces a great dilemma as her world becomes twisted in nature. This is a story that should have its own genre, a simple girl gets thrown into an unexpected and dangerous situation, now how will she cope? How will the situation change and twist her?

6. Blind Judgement - This is a story about a blind man, a premise that is completely new and original to me personally. How did he become blind? Lets just say that you are in for a very dark intro. The story oozes off gloom and despair in the first two chapters, so those who prefer light stories, you are warned. A completely new and unique setting that I have found to be the most interesting up until now among the stories I have reviewed. 

7. Eclipse - Finally, a straight up fantasy novel.  The premise itself is not very unique in the sense that we have a world ending crisis, and our protagonist is trying his best to do something about it, at least minimize the damage done. We see his determination in the first two chapters to do whatever is necessary against all odds. Nothing new and groundbreaking here. But what is new under the sun? Nothing, if you ask me. 

8. Valkyria Heart - An interesting setting to say the least. The author has thrown in Vikings/Valkyries into a world mixed with magic and tech. The MC Ragna stands out with her hot-headed fiery attitude, albeit she might be a bit too vulgar for some. Be prepared to be stunned by things like InstaNorse (you read that right), Vikings with mental health issues seeking psychiatric help and many other interesting concepts that I don't think anyone else has tried to write about till now, at least not to my knowledge. 

9. Blood's Curse - Finally, a story with high school drama mixed together with magic, and supernatural creatures. We have a protagonist with past traumas plus a sassy mysterious girl as a side character. Many contemporary (especially American) novels have a very similar premise, but the story is still interesting enough and holds well on its own, with hints of mystery throughout the first few chapters that makes you want to know more about the characters and the world. 

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The Wrote: Hello! If you would be so kind then please review my books!

A review on Altura's Defiance would be best since I am trying for RS, but whatever is best for you!

Interesting TITLE. Following.

Gyoded Wrote: Congrats!  I would be forever grateful if you gave my story a look... link is in my sig

You had me a the synopsis. Will review within a week.

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I'm writing a couple stories, if either of them strikes your fancy you'd be welcome to review whichever, but I also understand these threads can get crazy so if you don't have time or interest feel free to skip me. :)

Re:System//Summoner is about a guy who's trying to save earth from a demon invasion with the help of the new leveling system and fighting through dungeons that have appeared all over. It's slower and longer and has a lot of fighting.

Eclipse is a short story about a fantasy world being destroyed and the desperate last attempts of one elf to save at least some of their people from the coming destruction. It's shorter and faster, completed, and has a lot of talking.

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Consistent_Milk4660 Wrote: Very short synopsis

You know, that in itself is good feedback. I hadn't thought about the short synopsis since I launched the book. I thought putting the one liner there was the idea. I think I'll expand upon it a little bit. Thank you and thanks again for reviewing!