Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. I have been on Royal Road for about two months now and currently have uploaded the first seven chapters of my first fantasy novel. Currently working on chapter eight. I enjoy creating my own worlds, histories, and stories. 

I would love to one day make writing my full time career and I knew that I had to escape from my shell and share my work in progress with some kind of community. I was excited to see the views on my fiction, though it was quite nerve racking. I hope to publish all of my works here before they go Amazon. 

I have made my way around the site and read a few works that have caught my attention. It is unreal sometimes how often I see some users post. I hope to get on a more rapid schedule my self at some point. 

It will be nice to get to talk to the community and happy writing and reading to everyone.

Re: Hello Everyone

Welcome to the Forums. Being active in the Forums is a good way to interact with the community and get more visibility. One thing that also helps is to include a link to your work in your signature. Cinn's beginner's guide https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/111469 explains how to do that and also contains a lot of other useful information including suggestions for getting more feedback. Certainly a lot of good work here along with a good community of readers. I hope you achieve all you wish to here and that many people check out your work. Good luck.